October 2016 – MicroBiz for Windows Version 15.5.3 Now Available

 10 months ago
The latest version of MicroBiz for Windows POS software is now available. Version 15.5.3 addresses several bug fixes and adds several enhancements requested by customers.

If you would like to update your software to the latest version, please use the installation wizard accessed through download link at the bottom of our home page, or give our support team a call at (702) 749-5353 option 1. If you need to purchase a support contract, please call our sales team at (702) 749-5353 option 2.

Version 15.5.3 Enhancements

Version 15.5 addresses many commonly occurring bugs and glitches including:

  • Gift Card Redemption Balance – Prior versions had trouble when the gift card tendered had a balance less than the transaction amount. New workflow allows user to apply the gift card balance and then prompts the user for another payment method for the remaining balance (Issue: 3242)
  • Additional Flags in Slow Moving Products Report – We updated the Slow Moving Product Sales Report to include an additional flag to allow for Slow or Fast Moving Product Sales (Issue: 3196)
  • Faster ‘Clean and Pack’ Process –The clean and pack process was improved by compressing data more efficiently. These changes to the Prodbod file should speed-up the clean and pack process (Issue: 3190)
  • Back-up and Restore Settings – Added the ability to back-up the station Memory files and trigger files for restoration if needed. See: Tools | Station Settings | Backup or Restore Station Settings. (Issue: 3193)
  • Simplified Exit Process – Previously users received a warning message when trying to close the MicroBiz application from the Register/Work Station screen. To avoid this message, users now exit MicroBiz from the Main Menu screen (Issue: 3203)
  • Improved Installation Process – We updated the MicroBiz Installer to make the type of installation more clear (Demo Install/Single Station Install/Multi-User Install). We now default to a demo install upon your first installation on the PC and use previous registry entries upon an Upgrade or Repair Installation. (Issue: 3249)
Version 15.5.3 Bug Fixes

Version 15.5 addresses many commonly occurring bugs and glitches including:

  • Numeric Overflow of Large Transaction Amounts – Users in markets with items with large nominal values could experience an error when the transaction value was too large for a field in MicroBiz. We have updated Cell Value Limits to fix this issue. Note that this does not include an invoice expansion (Issue: 3247)
  • Ship Via Print Settings – Settings are now saved after exiting MicroBiz. Previously the Ship Via print settings were occasionally lost after exiting MicroBiz. (Issue: 3220)
  • Digital Certificate for Verified Publisher Downloads – Users previously encountered a Windows security alert message when downloading MicroBiz for Windows. New Digital Security Certificate eliminates Windows security error message. (Issue: 3195)
  • Help | Remote Desktop Support – No longer resets automatically (Issue: 3187)
  • Training Video Link – Now goes to the correct website (Issue: 3221)
  • Main Menu Application Data Window – Fixed customer license data being cut-off in window at bottom of Main Menu (Issue: 3202)
  • Register/Work Screen Size Defaults – Updated default settings no longer maximize register/work screen by default (Issue: 3211)
  • Printer Control Code Pop-Up – Updated the printer code pop-up message boxes to clarify messaging (Issue: 3212)
Coming Soon – MicroBiz Version 16.0
We are currently working on MicroBiz for Windows version 16.0. Look for this in Q4 2016/Q1 2017. This version will include two main upgrades:

Front Register/Work Screen – The front register user interface will be updated to a more modern look. Product and customer images are displayed more predominantly in a panel on the right hand side of the screen. Frequently used function buttons are highlighted in different colors. You will have the ability to upload a store logo displayed at the top right corner of the screen, and change the color scheme of the register to better match your brand.

Printing and Email of Reports and Customer Statements – We are streamlining the process to view, print, download and email reports. Reports will now be previewed automatically, and a row of buttons across the top of the preview screen will allow you to more easily print, save or send a report. We have also added pop-up calendars in many areas to make it easier to set date ranges. You will also be able to email customer statements right from the MicroBiz application using your default email program.

Integrated EMV Payment Processing
Integrated EMV Payment Processing – When integrated with OpenEdge payments (aka XCharge) MicroBiz is certified to accept EMV payments. Through this integration, MicroBiz automatically sends the amount due to the payment terminal, where it is displayed to the customer on the terminal’s LCD screen. Customers can pay with:

  • traditional magnetic stripe cards;
  • EMV chip cards; and
  • Popular mobile wallets including (ApplePay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay).

Once the transaction is securely authenticated by the processor, MicroBiz receives and securely stores the card transaction data in the POS transaction record – making reconciliation of batches a breeze – and also prints all required payment info on the receipt.

Use of Payment Terminal as a Customer Display – The Ingenico iSC 250 can be used as customer display when integrated with the OpenEdge payment service. As you ring up merchandise, the items are displayed on the screen of the Ingenico iSC 250. This provides a great alternative to a separate customer pole display.

Electronic Signature Capture – Through the use of the Ingenico iSC 250 payment terminal, your customer can sign on the screen of the payment terminal. MicroBiz captures this electronic signature and then can print a digital copy of the signature on the printed receipt – or can provide a signature line on the printed receipt.

Customer Payment Information Displayed on Receipts – When integrated with OpenEdge, the customer’s payment information is displayed on receipt, including cardholder name, card type and last 4 digits of the credit card tendered. This visibly links information on the customer and card used with the transaction record/receipt – providing a great audit trail for returns and exchanges.

Support of Windows 10
Runs on Windows 10 Computers – This is not a new feature, but we did want to remind everyone that MicroBiz for Windows Version 15.5 has been tested to work with Windows 10 Professional computers. Plus, MicroBiz Version 15.5 remains backward compatible with all supported versions of the popular Microsoft Windows Professional operating system (Windows 7, 8 and 10). Versions of MicroBiz older than version 15 have known issues with the Windows 10 operating system.