Multi-store Capabilities

You can manage multiple stores and multiple registers within each store. You can set different product prices for different stores.  Inventory can be transferred between store locations.  The financials of each register and store roll-up to chains for management and reporting purposes.

Ways our multi-store management features can improve your business


Look-up stock at other locations

Instantly look up product availability at other locations from front register screens


Transfer items to fulfill sales

Transfer stock between stores to balance inventory and fulfill customer orders at other locations

Analyze data and trends by store

Filter and sort reports by location to assist in smart purchasing and management decisions

Manage prices and stock across locations

Manage separate inventory, prices and costs across multiple locations

Multi-Store Real-Time Inventory Management

Every register has a real-time centralized view of inventory levels at all stores and warehouses. This real-time multi-location inventory data allows you to tightly manage inventory levels and make purchasing decisions and price adjustments across all stores.

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One Touch Multi-Location Stock Check


Look-up stock levels at other stores with one touch from the front register.  The stock look-up function also shows if a store has an item on order (if you use MicroBiz for Purchase Orders).

Store Transfers 

Better utilize your multi-store inventory by transferring items between stores. You no longer need to keep excess inventory at one location to protect from stock-outs.  You can define actions for both the ‘to’ and ‘from’ stores, such as ‘add to stock’ or ‘hold for customer’.  The note field can be used for additional instructions or to reference a customer order number.

store transfer 2020 05 18 16 19 13 1

Multi-location Price, Cost and Discount Management 

Product data is managed individually by store.  This allows you to set different prices and costs for each store. Discounts and special prices are also managed individually by store.

Pricing by store 2020 05 18 16 02 16 1
Reprts by Store 2020 05 18 17 11 49

Real-Time Multi-Store Reporting

All reports have the ability to toggle between different combinations of stores and registers.  Reports are real-time, so any sale or change is instantly reflected accross all stores/registers..

Location-specific Tax Schemes


Taxes are set up at the store level.  This allows you to charge different taxes at different stores, based on the tax jurisdiction at each store’s location.

Sales Tax 2020 05 18 16 53 53


Q. Are my customer and product records visible at all locations?

A. Yes, product and customer records are not location specific.  So, all customer and product records are visible at all locations?

Q. Are MicroBiz reports multi-location?

A. All reports include toggle and filters, allowing you to view a single store, all stores or any combinations of stores.  

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