MicroBiz Cloud Supported Device List

POS Hardware and Devices Supported for MicroBiz Cloud

The peripherals listed below have been tested to be compatible with MicroBiz Cloud.  If you have a device not on this list but it can be viewed/access through your operating system or browser – it may work with MicroBiz Cloud but will not be supported by MicroBiz.


Receipt Printers

  • Star Micronics TSP143IIU Eco USB Receipt Printer (for Mac and PC-based systems)
  • Star Micronics TSP650ll WebPRNT (required for printing from iPads)
  • HP BM476AT receipt printer (for PC-based systems)

Note: The TSC650ll WebPRNT is not supported on Mac and PC-based systems. This should only be used for tablet systems.


Price Tag/Label Printers

  • Zebra ZD410 (integrated direct print method)
  • TSC TTP-245C  (integrated direct print method)
  • DYMO Labelwriter 450 (non-integrated download print method only)
  • Zebra TLP-2824 (discontinued by Zebra)
  • Zebra TLP-2844 (discontinued by Zebra)

Note: Tag printing is currently only supported for use with a Windows or Mac desktop computer.


Report Printers

  • Nearly any modern Laser/Inkjet printer

Note: Manufacturers’ model turnover is too short for us to maintain a list of supported models. Almost any new laserjet printer should work great with MicroBiz Cloud. We do not recommend or support ‘all-in-one’ printers with combined print/scan/fax capabilities.


Bar Code Scanners

  • PC and Mac Systems:

    Motorola LS2208 (USB)
    CipherLab 1500 (USB)
    HP Laser Barcode Scanner (USB)

    Note – The compatibility of bar code scanners is primarily determined by your operating system. If your OS can ‘see’ your scanner when plugged in and capture the code scanned on Notepad, it should work with MicroBiz for Windows.

  • iPad Systems:
    Socket Mobile 7 Series blue tooth barcode scanners


Cash Drawers

Star CD1616 Cash Drawer
APG Standard Duty Cash Drawer
HP Standard Duty Cash Drawer

Note – Cash drawers have become relatively ‘plug and play.’ and should generally work with MicroBiz for Windows.


Credit Card Readers

  • PC and Mac Systems: click here
  • iPad Systems: Not current supported in MicroBiz Cloud, but coming soon!


Pole Display

  • Not currently supported in MicroBiz Cloud, but coming soon!