MicroBiz Cloud Supported Device List

POS Hardware and Devices Supported for MicroBiz Cloud

The peripherals listed below have been tested to be compatible with MicroBiz Cloud.  If you have a device not on this list but it can be viewed/access through your operating system or browser – it may work with MicroBiz Cloud but will not be supported by MicroBiz.



Receipt Printers

  • Star Micronics TSP143IIU Eco USB Receipt Printer (for Mac and PC-based systems)
  • Star Micronics TSP650ll WebPRNT (required for printing from iPads)
  • HP BM476AT receipt printer (for PC-based systems)

Note: The TSC650ll WebPRNT is not supported on Mac and PC-based systems. This should only be used for tablet systems.


Price Tag/Label Printers

  • Zebra GK420D
  • DYMO Labelwriter 450 (uses download print method)
  • TSC TTP-245C
  • Zebra TLP-2824
  • Zebra TLP-2844

Note: Tag printing is currently only supported when run from a Windows or Mac desktop computer.


Report Printers

  • Nearly any modern Laser/Inkjet printer

Note: Manufacturers’ model turnover is too short for us to maintain a list of supported models. Almost any new laserjet printer should work great with MicroBiz Cloud. We do not recommend or support ‘all-in-one’ printers with combined print/scan/fax capabilities.


Barcode Scanners:

  • PC and Mac Systems: Any barcode scanner able to interface with your computer. Just plug it into your computer and test it in any text editor to see if it works.
  • iPad Systems: Socket Mobile 7 Series Blue Tooth Barcode Scanners

Credit Card Readers

  • PC and Mac Systems: click here
  • iPad Systems: Not current supported in MicroBiz Cloud, but coming soon!

Pole Display

  • Not currently supported in MicroBiz Cloud, but coming soon!