Scan Barcodes and Ring Up Sales Quickly and Easily with our POS Register

MicroBiz includes a mobile POS register to quickly scan items into the register using barcodes – or add items with one touch. Discount individual items, groups of items or the entire transaction. You can do price checks and check inventory. It’s so intuitive that employees will be able to use the POS register and barcode scanning application with almost no training.

Ways our front POS register features can improve your business

Mobile POS terminals

Cloud-based technology enables mobile POS register using laptops and tablets

Product images and notes

Upload images and add notes viewable at the POS register during check out process

Scan barcodes to lookup items

Automate the check out process by quickly looking up items by scanning barcodes

Flexible sales tax settings

Set products or customers to be tax-free or taxed at a different rate than standard.

scan barcode to add item to transaction

Barcode Scanning

MicroBiz allows you to scan items using a bar code reader to quickly add items to a transaction.  As a mobile POS register terminal, you can ring up sales anyplace and at anytime – trade shows, sidewalk sales, street fairs, sporting events, etc. Just log into your MicroBiz app using a browser on a PC, Mac, laptop, Chromebook or tablet – and you can start ringing up sales using barcode scanning.

Quick Pick Keys

Add items to a transaction with one touch – even non-inventory items such as service and delivery charges. The keys can be set to prompt for the price or the size or color of an item. You can set up an unlimited number of Quick Pick Panels, use colors to highlight keys and arrange them in any order that you choose.

Add items to transaction with one touch button
Discount by dollar or percent off, or new price

Complete Set of POS Register Functions

MicroBiz Cloud includes all commonly used register functions needed to operate your store, including:

  • Holds
  • Voids
  • Item and Transaction Discounts
  • Returns and Exchanges
  • Cash Paid In/Out
  • Transaction and Item Notes
  • Assign Item of Transaction to Salesperson
  • Register Close-Outs

Filtered Product Search

There are multiple ways to search for products and add them to a transaction. In addition to scanning barcodes and entering a SKU or product name into the top product search bar, MicroBiz Cloud features an advanced filtered search.  This feature allows you to search by name, SKU, style, UPC or Alternate ID.  Search results can be displayed in table format or as product tiles.  Advanced filters allow you to view results by category, vendors, brand, color, size or other attribute.

Filterable product search

Detailed Customer Profile

The customer profile in MicroBiz Cloud displays all relevant data about the customer attached to the transaction.  You can view the customers pricing group, store credit and credit account balance and whether that customer has any store credits or gift cards outstanding.  You can also view customer sales history by items purchased to by transaction or order.

Customer profile at front register

Register Sales Dashboard for Voids and Returns

MicroBiz Cloud includes a POS register sale dashboard which displays transactions on hold and completed register transactions. This is useful for looking-up transactions by date range, store, register or employee.  In addition, this dashboard enables the following functions:

  • Void Transactions (returns item to stock and refunds payments
  • Return items in a referenced return
  • Reprint of fill page or narrow column receipts
  • Gift receipts
  • Email of receipts
Sales dashboard that allows a user to recall, void or reprint a transaction
Shows the items purchased by customer at the front POS register

Customer Facing Display

Enables a second monitor to be used as a customer-facing display that shows the items being rung up.  The customer display shows your logo and welcome message when idle, and the register items and totals during a transaction.  You can also set-up standard messages to be displayed to the customer.

One-Touch Matrix Product Variant Selection

MicroBiz supports the sale of matrix or configurable products where the product variants/attributes are selected at the register.  You can chose single factor, two factor (e.g. size/color) and three factor (e.g. size/color/other).  Great for shoes, apparel or any product that can be configured at the register.

selling items by size color attributes
Shows the items purchased by customer at the front POS register

Tips and Gratuity

Collect tips and gratuity using the touch screen display of an integrated payment terminal.  Once set up, the terminal screen will prompt the customer to enter a tip amount based on suggested tip levels.  The tip amount is added to the transaction total and printed on the MicroBiz receipt.  Any tips collected or paid out are included in the closeout report – and there is a Tip Audit report in the MicroBiz audit reports.

Full Page Invoice-Style Receipts or Standard Register Receipts

You have the option to print either a standard 40 column 2 1/8″ register receipt or a full page invoice-style receipt that allows more space for the transaction information, such as customer name, items purchased, notes and even a summary of a customer order.  You can toggle between receipt formats on the tender screen.

Ability to email or print the register receipt
Shows the items purchased by customer at the front POS register

Customer Purchase History

View customer sales history from the front register.  Sales history can be viewed by individual items, register transactions and customer orders.  The item view allows you to view the individual items purchased by the customer attached to the transaction.

Detailed Product Description/Care Instructions

MicroBiz POS includes the ability to add detailed descriptions to the product record that appear at the front POS register.  These are viewable by the cashier and can be used for detailed specs, care instructions, installation guiders and to highlight required or complimentary products and services.

selling items by size color attributes
Pay for POS transactions using gift cards

Store Credits & Gift Cards

Issue, track and redeem gift cards in real-time across multiple store locations without using an outside payment processor. Use standard gift card stock purchased from any 3rd party vendor. Gift cards can be sold in fixed or variable amounts.  Store credits can be also issued and tracked by customer and store.

Email or Printed Receipts

You have the option to print or email receipts to your customers. Receipts may be formatted with your store logo, transaction bar code, website address and a customer message. Emailing receipts is a clever way to collect email addresses from your customers for outbound marketing campaigns.

Ability to email or print the register receipt
Closing out a POS register at the end of the day

Register Close Outs and End of Day Reports

Registers can be batched at the end of the day to help reconcile sales to deposits. The close-out process allows you to keep a specified amount of cash in the till and includes a Z report showing a daily snapshot, salesperson activity, category totals, taxes collected and tender types.


Q. How do you bill for extra registers?

A. Your store subscription comes with one front register.  Each additional register is billed separately.  We do not charge for users accessing the back office functions (purchasing, receiving, customer management, product management, reporting).

Q. Can I run MicroBiz Cloud on my iPhone?

A. MicroBiz Cloud is a web-based application designed to run on a browser on PCs, Mac’s and tablets. The screens are not specifically designed for smart phone screens, so we do not recommend using a smart phone to display our application.  But, you can use an iPhone hotspot as an Internet connection.

Q. Do I have to buy specialized hardware from MicroBiz?
A. No, we do not require you to purchase a proprietary hardware system in order to use MicroBiz Cloud. While we do sell POS accessories through our partner POS Portal, you can buy off the shelf hardware from wherever you choose.


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