MicroBiz Cloud vs Vend

Simply put, MicroBiz Cloud is a better fit for specialty retailers at a lower overall cost

Looking for the best alternatives to Vend POS, the point of sale software company located in and operated from New Zealand?  MicroBiz has been in business since the 1990’s and used this experience to build a top alternative to VendHQ.  We focus exclusively on the development of point of sale and retail automation software built to meet the needs of multi-store specialty retail and services businesses.  We have grown organically over the past 20+ years and maintain a cost structure that allows us to charge reasonable prices and still have enough left over to continue enhancing our awesome POS software.

MicroBiz Has Features Missing in Vend

VendHQ began as a basic POS system for very small retailers.  While it has added features over time, it still lacks many features important for sophisticated retailers included in MicroBiz Cloud – such as special orders and full purchasing and receiving.

Vend is Very Expensive

 Vend plans start at $129 per month for businesses with less that $20K per month in turnover.  If you have strong sales and multiple registers, Vend can get very expensive.

Vend Pro

-One store
-One register
– No charge of % of sale


plus $59/mo. for additional registers

MicroBiz is More Affordable


MicroBiz has been in business since the 1990’s and did not raise venture capital money in the 2010’s to fund development of MicroBiz Cloud.  In comparison, Vend is venture capital-backed and has raised lots of outside capital –  which it used in part to pay for global brand building campaigns, fancy offices and slick marketing materials.   Our lower cost structure allows us to charge much more reasonable prices.

MicroBiz Cloud

-One store
-One register
– No extra charge based on % sales


plus $30/mo. for additional registers

This Cost Differential Can Really Add Up!

Vend MicroBiz
Store/Register 1 $159 $60
Register 2 59 30
Register 3 59 30
Monthly Total $277 $120
    Difference $157/mo


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