MicroBiz Cloud vs Clover POS

Simply put, MicroBiz Cloud is a better fit for specialty retailers at a lower overall cost

Looking for the best alternatives to Clover POS, the point of sale software owned by payment processor FirstData?  MicroBiz has been in business since the 1990’s and used this experience to build a great alternative to Clover POS.  We focus exclusively on the development of point of sale and retail automation software focused on the needs of multi-store specialty retail and services businesses.  We have grown organically over the past 20+ years and maintain a cost structure that allows us to charge reasonable prices and still have enough left over to continue enhancing our awesome POS software.

MicroBiz is Focused on Retail Management, not Selling Processing Services 

Clover is developed by First Data and sold through the First Data network of affiliates.  These are generally ISO and agents that specialize in payment processing who do not understand the special needs of different types of retailers.  

MicroBiz is Not a Jack of All Trades, Master of None

You cannot be a ‘jack of all trades’ in retail POS.  MicroBiz Cloud has been designed from the start to focus exclusively on single and multi-store specialty retailers.  On the other hand, Clover tries to meet the needs of many types of businesses: quick serve, restaurants, salons, kiosks, cafes and retail.  As a result Clover can end up being a bad fit for many types of specialty retailers.

MicroBiz Does Not Lock You Into Proprietary Hardware

Clover sells custom Android-based hardware with its POS software.  This hardware locks you into their POS system, often under long-term equipment leases.  To switch off Clover you need to scrap this hardware and sometimes pay cancellation fees.  On the other hand, you can use our MicroBiz Cloud software with PCs, Macs, iPads and industry standard printers and scanners.  There are no long-term contracts with MicroBiz.

MicroBiz Offers Payment Processing Options

Clover requires the use of First Data powered payment processing.  You cannot use other payment processors with Clover without additional fees, so if you do not like the cost of your processing through Clover, you are stuck.  In comparison, MicroBiz Cloud has multiple payment processing options.

No Requirement to Purchase Paid Apps to Extend Functionality


Unlike Clover, with MicroBiz you do not need to cobble together functionality using third party apps  – each charging separate fees and limited integration of data.  

MicroBiz Offers Lower Total Cost of Ownership

When you factor in the cost of the hardware, software subscriptions, required apps and payment processing – MicroBiz Cloud offers a lower total cost of ownership.  Of course, processors often try bury these higher costs in the processing fees and equipment leases – which are harder to figure out.

MicroBiz Cloud: $60/mo for initial store & register

Clover: Tough to Really Figure Out *

* Total cost highly dependent on cost of exclusive payment processor FirstData and paid apps.

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