Simple and Matrix Products and Flexible Pricing Schemes

Product catalogs are critical to a retail system – as the sale of products and services drives revenue.  Our product records make your job easier by offering all kinds of flexibility and capabilities around product type (simple products, matrix products, prompt for price, services, etc) and pricing strategies (discounts, promotions, customer-based pricing, quantity-based pricing).

Ways our product and pricing features can improve your business

Effectively manage matrix products

Manage the size/color/other variants of matrix products  using matrix grids and attribute lists

Manage promotional and tiered pricing

Offer quantity-based pricing or time-based pricing at %, $ off retail, targeted margin or a new price

Offer customer-based pricing

Set-up special customer-based pricing schemes by individual item or in bulk by product category

Customize product records for your needs

Customize products settings for taxes, discount and return limitations, fractional quantities, etc.

Matrix Products With Size/Color Variants


MicroBiz supports matrix products, or products that have a parent product record and child sub-SKUs for variants such sizes, colors or widths. MicroBiz also includes tools to speed the creation and management of these configurable products, including the ability to save and reuse attribute sets.  Products searches can be done at the product level or the individual matrix SKU.

Customer-based special pricing

Reusable Attribute Lists

Create reusable attribute lists to speed the creation of matrix products.  You can create attribute lists for different size runs (for example womens vs children sizes), colors sets for different vendor color catalogs and other (subsizes, widths, etc).  Rather than manually enter attributes for each product, you can pull in an attribute set with the variants.

Customer-based Special Pricing

Set-up special pricing based on customer pricing group, including $ off, % off, cost plus and defined price. Customer pricing can be assigned to different stores. For example, you can give loyalty customers 5% off the retail price of an item while contractors are charged cost plus 10%.

Customer-based special pricing

Product Images

Include product images in your item records to allow customers to see images of available products.  Images are also helpful when searching for items, ringing up sales and replenishing inventory.  Images can be imported in bulk to streamline catalog management by using a URL of the hosted image.

Product images in MicroBiz Cloud
Product import via CSV file

Import of New Products and Product Updates Records via CSV Files

Our data import tools allow you to load all types of data from your existing POS system when switching to MicroBiz.  You can import your products, customers and inventory levels from your existing point-of-sale by uploading a CSV or Excel file. You are able to import simple products, matrix products and non-inventory products.

Discounts and Promotions

You may create a time-based special price or discount using % off, $ off or a sale price. Items can be discounted at the register, with the ability to assign a reason for the discount and track any discounts by employee. You can also bundle items and assign a grouped discount at the register. There are global and item level settings to limit or prevent discounts by item.

Promotions and special pricing
Product settings in MicroBiz Cloud

Flexible Product Settings

Product records include a variety of settings to modify the product for your needs.  Product records can be assigned a tax class which determines which sales tax is applied at sale.  Products and services can be set to sold in fractional quantities (great for products sold by weight or length) – or the user can prompted to enter a new price at the register.  Other controls include ‘do not discount’, maximum discount and whether the item can be returned.

Product Categories


MicroBiz allows you to assign categories to products to help in product searches and reporting.  Up to four levels of categories/sub-categories may be used.  Clicking on a category node on the category manage screen displays the products assigned to the category.

Reporting product categories in MicroBiz Cloud

Quantity-Based Tiered Pricing

MicroBiz supports tiered pricing or pricing discounts based on the quantity purchased. The system keeps track of the number of the item added to a sale, with the price adjusting automatically when a quantity threshold for a tiered price is achieved. For example, you can create a tiered pricing scheme such as ‘buy 1 for $3 or buy 4 for $10’.

Tiered based pricing quantity based pricing

Alternative Product ID’s

Product records allow you to enter alternative IDs or aliases to help streamline the ordering of items from different vendors. When a clerk scans or enters any one of these alternative ID’s, the product is added to the current transaction.

Alternate product IDs


Q. Can I import matrix products from my existing POS system?

A. Yes, we have a product import template that can be used to import matrix products with up to three attributes. If you can copy your data to our standard matrix product import template, you can import the data into MicroBiz Cloud.

Q. Does MicroBiz Cloud support bundled products or kits?

A. MicroBiz Cloud supports the ability to apply a grouped or bundled price to a set of products when ringing up the sale. To do this, select the line items to be bundled on the register grid, press the ‘Discount Items’ action panel button, and enter the new group price or discount.

Q. Can I import images for my products?

A. Yes. You can import a single image for a product from the product record. You can also upload and attach images to product records in bulk using MicroBiz Cloud’s import tools.  You would just upload a file that just contains the designated ‘key’ field used to match the records (usually SKU or style or UPC) and the image URL  – and MicroBiz will automatically match and add pictures to existing products.


Q. Does MicroBiz Cloud support serialized products?

A. Not yet. You can add serial numbers to the item note field, but MicroBiz does not yet have the ability to tag individual items with searchable serial numbers.

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