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Pool and spa stores sell a variety of spa equipment and pool supplies.  The best pool and spa POS systems can support businesses ranging from cash register replacements for small pool and spa shops to complete inventory management systems for commercial pool and spa distribution centers. To compete, specialty pool and spa retailers need to deliver the expertise and personalized service of a specialty merchant along with a deep selection of merchandise. Many pool and spa stores include a service department for offering repair and maintenance services.  Given seasonality in the pool and spa business, the top pool and spa store point of sale systems support ordering and buying, inventory management, pricing tools and easy-to-use reporting and analytics.

Other critical features for popular pool and spa POS systems include serial number tracking and special order management.  Spas are expensive and come with a warranty.  The serial number of the spa is used to track when the item was acquired from the vendor and sold to the customer. Tracking serial numbers at pool and spa stores allows the retailer to determine if the item is covered for warranty repair.  Spas are also special ordered based on customer preferences.  The leading pool and spa POS systems track special orders from the time of the order through the receiving of the spa from the vendor.  


Swimming Pool and Spa Store POS specific features in MicroBiz Cloud include:

  • Accounts receivable – to manage large customers such as pool service contractors that buy a lot of chemical and pay on account, including printing or emailing customer statements and assessing late charges.
  • Deposit collection and refunds – collect deposits on layaways or orders – and refund deposits back to original payment card.
  • Special orders/back orders – Allows you to track special order items such as spas and pool parts, from the customer order to receiving, to inventory to the POS transaction.
  • Quotes and invoices – with the invoice in progress functionality, you can quote a customer, print the quote, then when the customer comes in to purchase the pool or spa items, simply recall the on hold invoice and process the sale.
  • Layaways – collect deposits on layaways or installment sales of pools and spa items while holding the item out of inventory.
  • Ecommerce Integration – WooCommerce POS integration allows you to publish products to Woo, sync inventory and capture online sales in MicroBiz.
  • Product images – so clerks can see a picture of the pool or spa product being rung-up at the register.
  • Markdown management – easily manage group markdowns, quantity pricing, multi-buy items, promotional pricing and bulk discounting.
  • Create/Update products via CSV file import – add or update product records via import of a CSV file.  Great for uploading price and cost updates from your major pool and spa distributors.
  • Mobile POS – you can use MicroBiz on any tablet or laptop in the field with an internet connection, including emailing receipts and taking integrated payments.
  • Service department management – allows you to efficiently manage a service department – you can bill by hour or by job, as well as bill for services like onsite services.
  • Service item history – Track and view service history of customer-owned items checked in for service work, such as pool filters or hot tubs.
  • Sales commissions – can be calculated based on the sales amount or the gross profit and track commissions by employee to measure productivity.
  • Customer group pricing or discounts – set different price tiers based on customer level or group.
  • Customer sales history look-up – look-up customer purchases by item or transactions from the front register.
  • Phone orders – accept orders and collect payments from customers calling to order by phone.
  • Pick-up, shipping, delivery dashboard – manage orders to be shipped, picked-up or delivered.
  • Sales tax by customer address – ability to tax orders shipped and delivered based on the address of the customer.
  • Customer-based pricing – create special prices or pricing tiers for different customer types, such as pool and spa service company customers.
  • Enforceable business rules on discounts and returns – advance settings allow restrictions to be placed on discounts and returns at the register.

Killer POS Feature for Pool and Spa Stores #1: Special Orders

Management Special Orders, or the sale of items not currently in stock, is a common pain point for swimming pool retailers.  This is great for the sale of parts and unique items ordered for service orders.  You can mark an item as a special order item at the time its sold, which places it on a list of special order items in the purchasing module.  When the item is received from the vendor, MicroBiz alerts the user that the item is attached to a customer order, so that the customer can be contacted and the item can be set aside for pick-up or shipment. 

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check in customer item Front Register Pool

Killer POS Feature #2: Work Orders

Check in multiple customer items (such as a pool filter) and print claim tags.  Enter description of work to be done and service notes. Print estimated, quotes and invoices which show due dates, charges for items and services and amount due.  Collect deposits from customers on work orders and set minimum deposit rules.  You can assign and employee, and view all works orders from the Order Management portal, allowing you to manage shipments, pick-up and deliveries of work orders.

Electronic Vendor Catalogs

MicroBiz maintains product catalogs of major pool and spa distributors, such as Doughboy, HotSpring and Superior Pool Products.   The ability to search across these product catalogs allows spa and pool retailers to quickly and easily add new parts and item records to the MicroBiz POS system with one click, including the available size/color option, UPC, MSRP image, cost and description of the product (depending on available data from the vendor).   Below are some of the vendor catalogs available in MicroBiz:

Hot Spring
superior pool supplies

In addition to the Pool Supply Store POS specific capabilities listed above, MicroBiz Cloud includes the following standard features and functionality needed to manage Swimming Pool and Spa Stores:


  • Register Quick Pick Keys
  • Bar code label scanning
  • Gift Cards
  • Customizable Receipts
  • Custom Tenders
  • Print or Email Receipts
  • Customer Sales History Look-up
  • Register Close/End of Day Reports
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing
  • Advanced Filterable Product Search
  • Transaction holds/recalls
  • Returns and Voids
  • Split Tenders
  • Assign Salesperson to Transaction
  • Item and Transaction Discount
  • Stock-level Look-up (multi-store)
  • Store Credits
  • Editable Item Descriptions on Receipt


  • WooCommerce Integration
  • QuickBooks Online Integration

Multi-store Inventory Management

  • CSV File Import of Products & Inventory
  • Inventory Adjustment Audit Records
  • Purchase Orders/Vendor Shipments
  • Minimum Inventory Reorder Points
  • Special Order Tracking


  • Phone Orders/Layaways
  • Special Orders (out of stock items)
  • Pick-up, Shipping, Delivery Dashboard
  • Repairs/Service Dept Management
  • Quotes/Estimates/Invoices
  • Check-in of Customer Items for Repair
  • Deposit Collection and Refunds
  • Tax Calculation based on Ship Address
  • Backorder Creation and Filling


  • Multiple Shipping/Billing Addresses
  • Customer Tax Classes/Tax Exempt
  • Credit Accounts/Charge to Account
  • Accounts Receivable Statements
  • Import Customers via CSV File Import

Store Management

  • Flexible and Filterable Reports
  • Enforceable Business Rules on Discounts, Returns, Deposits
  • Store Transfers
  • Support of Contactless Payments
  • PCI/PA-DS Compliant Payments
  • Employee Roles and Permissions
  • Minimum Deposit Requirements

Catalog Management

  • Customer-based Pricing/Product Pricing Levels
  • Product images
  • Categories and Sub-Categories
  • Product Tax Classes (multiple)
  • Quantity-based Tiered Pricing
  • Time-based promo pricing
  • Alternate Product IDs
  • Fractional Sale Quantities (weight/time)
  • Print Bar Code Price Labels

Expand Functionality of MicroBiz via Integrations with Popular 3rd Party Apps

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Publish register batch financials to QuickBooks Online with one-touch

  • Map POS financial activities to QuickBooks GL accounts
  • Publish register batch financials to QuickBooks with one touch
  • Sync revenue, COGS, inventory values, customer liabilities and payments with QuickBooks
  • Create QuickBooks invoice payable from received vendor shipments
  • Push POS sales taxes to QuickBooks Sales Tax Center for payment management



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Integrate your POS system with your Woo! ecommerce site

  • Link product records and sync changes in product fields from MicroBiz to Woo!
  • Automatically adjust stock levels in Woo! for store sales to avoid sales of items not in stock
  • Pull online orders into MicroBiz for order and inventory management
  • Capture customer records created online in MicroBiz

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