Create POs & Receive Vendor Shipments Quickly and Efficiently

Generate POs quickly and easily, including copying an existing PO to speed the process.  When receiving goods, simply convert the PO to a shipment document, check for variances, and click on the ‘accept’ button.  The system will add them to inventory. Or you can receive goods without a PO.

Ways our purchasing/receiving features can improve your business


Identify variances in vendor shipments

Convert POs to vendor shipments to help identify variances during receiving process

Automate the creation of POs

Ability to set minimum inventory levels and reorder levels by item to automate stock replenishment 

Be alerted of special orders when receiving

Special order items are tagged through purchasing and receiving to streamline process

Generate and print barcodes in bulk

Price tags can be batch printed while receiving goods or making price changes

Flexible Purchase Order Functionality

MicroBiz allows you to generate purchase orders quickly and easily. You can copy an existing PO to speed the process or create a PO from scratch. There are multiple ways to search for products to add to a PO, including the advanced filter search screen. You can view sales history of an item with one click. Items on an order can be filtered onscreen to show only backorders and special orders. You can track timing of shipments, payment terms and the shipping method. PO’s can be downloaded as a PDF for printing or e-mailing to the vendor.

Print, Batch or Export Barcode Labels


MicroBiz supports multiple price tag formats, including tags with bar codes.  Price tags can be printed automatically as part of the receiving process, or you can manually reprint tags for price changes.  In addition, you can add labels to a queue so that they can be batch printed later.

Special Order Tracking


All special ordered items are displayed on a separate screen in the purchasing module.  This allows you to select one or a group of special order items and add them to a purchase order with one click.  The PO and receiving screens automatically highlight any special order items, so that they can be treated differently than standard items in purchase orders and vendor shipments.  When a special order item is received, the system alerts you and provides links to the original customer order and allows you to print the invoice.  This enables your employees to quickly contact the customer, print a pick-up tag and set the special order item aside during the receiving process.  

Auto Stock Replenishment


Automate your ordering process by defining targeted reorder points and restock levels for products.  The targeted stock levels can be used in two ways.  First, there is an inventory report that displays all items where current inventory is less than the minimum inventory level.  Second, if you are looking for more automation, Purchase Orders include and ‘autofill’ button that will automatically add items to the PO based on current inventory as compared to desired restock levels.  

Matrix Products with Size/Color Variants


POs and vendor shipment documents can display matrix products consolidated in one line or broken out with one line per variant SKU (i.e. one line per each unique color/size combination).  When viewing a document online, you can expand/consolidate the display of the matrix SKUs.  The expanded mode allows you to see all to the product variants on the purchase/receiving document, while the contracted mode makes it easier to work on long purchase/receiving documents.

Vendor Shipment Features


You can convert a PO to a receiving document with one click or you can receive goods without a PO. The receiving screen allows you to easily compare items ordered vs items received and flag any variances.  Once you have confirmed quantities received and marked the shipment as complete, the system will add the items to your inventory. You may reject delivery, back order and track partial orders. 

Create and Fill Backorders


When adding an out-of-stock item to a register sale or customer order, you have the ability to create a backorder for the item.  When creating a purchase order, MicroBiz allows you to add all backordered items for the vendor to the PO with one touch, speeding the process of creating POs.

Print Barcode Price Labels while Receiving

You can print barcode price labels from several screens in MicroBiz, including Vendor Shipments, Purchase Orders, Inventory Adjustments and Store Transfers.  You just need to select the price label format and the number of labels to print.  Or, you can send labels to a Print Label Queue to print at a later time.  Depending on the printer, you can print standard labels or weather resistant labels.


Q. Can I import images while receiving items?

A. Yes, but in a separate step. You can upload and attach images to product records in bulk using MicroBiz Cloud’s import tools. You would just upload a file that just contains the designated ‘key’ field used to match the records (usually SKU or style or UPC) and the image URL – and MicroBiz will automatically match and add pictures to existing products.

Q. Can I receive goods for all my stores at one location?

A. Yes, you can receive a shipment at one store and then as a second step create store transfers to items in the shipment to other locations. The inventory will adjust when the transfer is marked complete.

Q. Do I need to use the purchase order module to adjust inventory?

A. No, in Cloud, you can change inventory levels right in the product record. Just click on the inventory field and enter the new inventory level. When you do this, an inventory adjustment record is created automaticly by the system so that you can audit these types of changes.

Q. Does MicroBiz Cloud support multi-vendor purchasing?

A. Product records in Cloud currently support only a single default vendor. However, you can set a default vendor as a ‘distributor’ so that products from any vendor can be added to a POS for the default vendor.

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