Publish Financials to QuickBooks with One Click

MicroBiz has a direct API integration with QuickBooks Online, the #1 cloud-based financial accounting software for small businesses, to automate your financial reporting. Financial information from your MicroBiz Cloud POS system is sent seamlessly to QuickBooks Online with a press of a button. No more downloading and uploading of files, faxing or emailing spreadsheets or manually reconciling financial data between your retail system and accounting software.

Update for QuickBooks Online Users

We are currently updating our MicroBiz Cloud-QuickBooks Online interface for use with the latest version of MicroBiz Cloud – and will not be connecting new customers until this is complete.  We expect this to be released sometime in Q3 2022.  Please check back for future updates on the availability of the QuickBooks Online interface for MicroBiz Cloud v2.0.

Get Up And Running in Minutes – Connecting MicroBiz and QuickBooks is very easy and just takes a couple of minutes to set-up. First, sign into both accounts and authorize the two applications to connect and share data online. Next, use the set-up wizard in MicroBiz to map your the financial activities in MicroBiz to the appropriate GL account in QuickBooks. Its that easy!  

Customize Links to Your Financial Reporting Requirements – MicroBiz includes a mapping engine that provides additional flexibility to link your store data to your GL accounts in QuickBooks. You can map and sync a variety of sales accounts (sales and cost of goods sold by category, cash in/out), inventory, customer liabilities (order deposits, store credits, gift cards), payment methods (cash, check, credit card, etc.) and sales taxes (by location and jurisdiction) using this advanced mapping wizard.

Publish Financials QuickBooks with One Touch – When you close your register batch at the end of the day, just press the green ‘Post” to QuickBooks button, and MicroBiz automatically sends the financial information to QuickBooks through a direct connection, where its instantly and automatically recorded by QuickBooks in the appropriate GL accounts. 

Create an Audit Trail Between Your Store and Financial Reporting Systems – MicroBiz publishes data to QuickBooks quickly and accurately. The direct transfer process creates an audit trail and eliminates errors caused by copying data incorrectly from one system to another.

Sync Financial Data Across Multiple Store Locations – The MicroBiz – QuickBooks integration supports multiple retail locations. You can set up different tax rates for different stores and tag financial data by store location in QuickBooks, allowing you to better track financial performance and pay taxes by store. MicroBiz also supports multiple registers in each store.

Track and Pay Sales Taxes Directly from QuickBooks – When you publish financial data to QuickBooks, the sales tax data appears in the QuickBooks Sales Tax Center. This allows you to track and pay sales taxes directly from QuickBooks Online.

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