Ways that MicroBiz’s automation features improve your business

Access anytime, anywhere

Cloud-based technology allows access from anyplace, anytime to real-time data


Use barcodes to speed transactions

Liberal use of time-saving technologies such as barcode scanning, emailing of documents and elastic search


Streamline repetitive tasks

Features such as mix/max reordering and special order management speeds-up time consuming tasks

Mobilize your store

Web-based software can be operated on a variety of devices (PC’s, Macs, laptops, tablets)

What is Retail Automation software?

MicroBiz is more than a point of sale software.  We are focused on making the lives of our retail customers easier by automating many of the manual tasks that can consume the day of a retailer.  Our software has dozens of features that can save you time each month over a traditional POS software.   That is why we refer to MicroBiz as ‘retail automation software’.



1. the sale of goods to ultimate consumers, usually in small quantities(opposed to wholesale).


[aw-tuhmey-shuh n]

1. the technique, method, or system of operating or controlling process by highly automatic means, as by electronic devices, reducing human intervention to a minimum.

POS Features to Speed-up Checkouts

MicroBiz Cloud has all the front end features needed to ring up sales fast and easy, including:

  • Support of bar code readers, bar code printers, electronic cash drawers and receipt printers
  • Integrated EMV compliant payment processing
  • Real time stock look-up at other locations, flexible customer and product search methodology
  • Multi-store gift card management, emailing of receipts, customer credit accounts
  • Layaways, holds, split tenders and invoices in progress
  • And much more…..

Back-end Automation Features

The back-end features of MicroBiz can support most single store specialty retailers and include functions such as:

  • Multi-store inventory management
  • Purchasing and receiving, order management
  • Work orders and service department management
  • Customer special prices and promotions ($ off, % off, etc)
  • Fulfill and manage customer special orders
  • And much more…..
Questions on the difference between MicroBiz Cloud and MicroBiz for Windows?  Click here for a comparison of features.

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