View Key Metrics From the Management Dashboard

The MicroBiz dashboard provides a current snapshot of key metrics of your business. Use our standard dashboard to view sales, cost and profitability metrics at a glance, or can add additional widgets to the dashboard to show the metrics most important to your business.

Gain Insight into Both Store and Online Activities

Better manage your operations by generating combined reports using data from all your stores and even an ecommerce sites (if integrated with Magento). You can review sales for a certain product, department or category across both store and ecommerce operations. No more need to manually aggregate reports from your POS and ecommerce system.

Includes the Most Popular Preconfigured Reports

MicroBiz comes with a variety of pre-configured product, sales and customer reports, allowing you to better understand your business. Quickly view standard reports on hot selling items and slowest moving items. Generate pre-configured reports showing your best customers as well as your most productive salespeople. These standard reports include settings to view different store locations, date ranges, etc.

Drill into Data with Customizable Sorting and Filtering

Reports allow you to select data by store and date range. Columns in MicroBiz can be sorted with one click and include drop down filters that enable you to drill into the most relevant data. You can search for exact matches of products or IDs, or whether a field contains a certain word or number. Want to show a report that shows the sales of any type of ‘red jacket’ over the last week? No problem with MicroBiz.

Export Report Data to PDF and CSV Files

You can export your report data with one click to a CSV file, allowing you to open and modify data in Excel or similar spreadsheet. Many reports also have the option to export to a PDF file for easier printing.

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