Manage Your Service and Repair Department with MicroBiz

Manage your in-store repair or service department with MicroBiz.  You can check in a customer owned item, add parts and services, assign to an employee and collect a deposit with ease.

Check In Customer Items Being Serviced

MicroBiz allows you to manage an in-store repair or service department.  You can check in a customer owned item (such as a bike or a phone), enter a description of the item including any serial numbers, link to a customer record in MicroBiz, describe the work to be done, and print claim tags to be attached to the item and/or provided to the customer.

Assign Employees and Prioritize Order

You can assign an employee to a work order and enter a priority to help schedule the work.  There are fields to enter the due date and when the work should be started.

Add Parts & Services

You can add parts/items to the work order as well as labor charges and other miscellaneous costs. This can be done through MicroBiz’s search functions, or by adding frequently used items and services as one-touch buttons on the ‘Quick Pick’ panel. Panels of one-touch buttons can be layered to allow quick access to dozens of frequently sold parts and services. Individual items can be discounted from the work order screens.

Collect Deposits or Full Payment

You can collect deposits from customers on work orders, using the same tender types used for register transactions. You can set minimum deposit rules for work orders using MicroBiz’s back-end management settings. Work orders in progress show the balance due and can be searched for and reactivated quickly and easily.

Print Quotes and Invoices

You have the ability to print full page quotes and invoices on work orders, which show the customer, due dates, charges for items and services and total due. You can also print a work order summary on a standard width register receipt.

Add Notes and Track Order Status

Work order records allow you to track the status of a work order (in progress, awaiting approval, awaiting parts, scheduled, complete and cancelled). MicroBiz allows you to attached notes to the work order to capture additional information on the work requested or customer. Notes can be entered as a customer note or a product not and viewed from a separate tab on the work order screen.

Pay at Register

Work orders can be added to a register transaction with one touch. This allows customer to pay the balance due on the work order and buy additional items at the register through a single transaction.

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