Manage Layaways, Work Orders, Deliveries and Phone Orders

Use the Orders in Progress capabilities in MicroBiz to manage layaways, phone orders and orders in progress.  You can collect a deposit and set whether the order will be fulfilled via store pick-up, shipment or delivery.

Offer Layaways and Collect Customer Deposits

Use the Orders in Progress capabilities in MicroBiz to manage layaways. You can add an item to a layaway, attach a customer record, collect a deposit and set an expected pick-up date. You can set rules for minimum deposits. Items attached to a layaway are taken out of available inventory and classified as ‘committed’. You can also attach notes to the layaway order.

Process Phone Orders From the Front Register

The order in progress features can also be used for phone orders. Use the search functions to add items to a phone order, add new customer records on the fly and chose the store location for pick-up or shipment. You can process payment, add notes to the transaction and send a receipt via email. Includes the ability to enter expected pick-up dates or designate the order for local delivery or third party shipment.

Manage Local Delivery and Shipping of Orders

Phone and orders in progress can be designated for different delivery methods – in-store pick-up, local delivery or third party shipment. You can add notes as well as assign to an employee. You can change the status of an order as its being processed. For in-store pick-ups, you can set expected pick-up date and time.

Run a Service/Repair Department

Run a repair and services department with MicroBiz. You can check in an item to be serviced, attach a customer record, assign to an employee, set priorities, add parts and services, manage order status, collect a deposit and print full page quotes and estimates. For more information on the work order capabilities of MicroBiz, click here.

Print Quotes, Estimates and Invoices

You have the ability to print full page quotes, estimates or invoices from the order record – depending on your need.  You can also choose whether to print order notes on the document. 

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