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    Cloud Network
    We utilize premier cloud computing services providers for our MicroBiz Cloud service. Our primary vendor is Digital Ocean, and we also utilize the services of Amazon Web Services (AWS).
    Data Centers
    Our primary cloud service provider Digital Ocean locates its servers and equipment in premier datacenter facilities for colocating including: Equinix, Telx, and Telecity. Each site is staffed 24/7/365 with onsite security and to protect against unauthorized entry. Each site has security cameras that monitor both the facility premises as well as each area of the datacenter internally. There are biometric readers for access as well as at least two factor authentication to gain access to the building. Each facility is unmarked so as not to draw any additional attention from the outside and adheres to strict local and federal government standard
    Network Connectivity
    Digital Ocean uses multiple tier-1 network transit providers at each facility and all connections are 10 gig-E to ensure redundancy and capacity. The datacenters that collocate Digital Ocean’s servers have redundant power, onsite diesel generators and battery backups, physical security, and multiple network transit paths.
    Snapshot and Backup Security
    Snapshots and Backups (images) at Digital Ocean are stored on an internal non-publicly visible network on NAS/SAN servers.
    MicroBiz Cloud Redundancy and Uptime Planning
    MicroBiz Cloud servers are made up of multiple physical servers, switches, hubs and network cards to reduce the possibility of hardware failure to near zero. We maintain multiple clusters so that groups of customers can be maintained on different server clusters based on size and/or geographic location. These clusters include application servers, database servers, background task servers and a sync monitor.
    Data Protection
    All customer data is stored in servers located in third party data centers. Your data is replicated and written to multiple disks within multiple servers within a server cluster. Your data is backed up daily and stored at a different third party cloud provider at a separate location. The network of MicroBiz’s primary cloud provider is protected with firewalls and carefully monitored.
    Credit Card Security
    Credit card payment information provided for one time transactions is not retained. For recurring payments, we enter card info into a virtual vault managed by Recurly Inc. and TSYS - which power online transactions for thousands of business and SaaS platforms and comply with PCI standards in the storage and handling of credit card information. For PayPal transactions we pass off customers directly to PayPal, which is also PCI compliant.
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    Please call our support at 702 749-5353 or email [email protected].