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Auto supply or automotive aftermarket retailers stock and sell a wide range of automobile-related products.  The best auto supply POS systems manage a large number of inventory items, support multiple price levels for retail and wholesale customers and efficiently manage special orders – or the sale of items not in stock.  Many auto parts retailers also offer services and need point of sale software that manages work orders.  Automotive aftermarket retailers compete by providing expert advice and superior customer service. Strong customer relationship management features are vital to successfully marketing to customers, such as notifying them when it’s time to buy new tires or letting the auto enthusiast know about the latest items for their particular make and model of vehicle

Automotive Aftermarket POS specific features in MicroBiz Cloud include:

  • Layaways – collect deposits while holding the item out of inventory.
  • Multiple Checked-in Items – provides ability to manage multiple customer-owned items within a work single customer work order record so you can separately work on multiple vehicles owned by an individual or family.
  • Quotes and Invoices – with the invoice in progress functionality, you can quote a customer, print the quote, then when the customer comes in to purchase, simply recall the on hold invoice and process the sale.
  • Markdown management – easily manage group markdowns, quantity pricing, multi-buy items, promotional pricing and bulk discounting.
  • Service item history – Track and view service history of customer-owned items checked in for service work.
  • Editable product description on receipts – Ability to edit from the front register the short product description which appears on a receipt.  Helpful when selling unique or customizable items.
  • Barcode scanning and price labels – Scan manufacturer bar codes or use a supported thermal transfer printer to print barcode price labels.
  • Flexible tax rules – allows for virtually any taxing scenario including tax exempt products and tax exempt customers.
  • Sales commissions – can be calculated for each item based on the sales amount or the gross profit or track commissions by employee to measure productivity.
  • Customer-based group pricing or discounts – based on customer level or group.
  • Data confidentiality – Complete control and confidentially of your data, unlike systems offered by automotive parts vendors which give your key suppliers complete visibility into the financial performance of your store operations.
  • Store credits – issue and redeem customer store credit.
  • Email marketing – deliver targeted campaigns by querying and downloading customer data for use with popular email marketing applications.
  • Customer deposits – accept and track customer deposits.
  • Ecommerce Integration – Integration with WooCommerce allows you to publish product records to Woo!, sync inventory levels and capture online sales of auto-related products in MicroBiz.
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Bulk Add or Update Products and Prices via CSV Imports

You can import your products, customers and inventory levels from your existing point-of-sale by uploading a CSV or Excel file. If your vendor releases a new price list, you can also import price updates in bulk via a CSV import.

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Quotes, Estimates and Invoices

You have the ability to print full page quotes, estimates or invoices from the order record – depending on your need.  You can also choose whether to print order or line notes on the printed document.  Convert quotes into orders with one click to reserve stock and collect payments.

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Print Barcode Price Labels

MicroBiz POS supports multiple price tag formats, including tags with bar codes.  Price tags can be printed automatically as part of the receiving process, or you can manually reprint tags for price changes.  In addition, you can add labels to a queue so that they can be batch printed later.

Credit Accounts/AR Statements

Offer and manage customer credit accounts, including defining authorized users, setting credit limits and payment terms and tracking the current account balance and available credit.  Credit account records display all charges to the accounts, payments on outstanding balances and authorized user activity.  You can add service charges and issue credits – and bulk print statements.

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Customer-based Pricing

You have the ability to assign customers to a pricing group (retail, wholesale, tier 1, etc.), making the customer eligible for special customer-based pricing and discounts. Prices are adjusted automatically at the register when a customer record with a special pricing group is attached.  Customer tax groups allow you to maintain different tax settings for different customers (such as non-profits or resellers).

Special Orders and Backorders

Easily sell items not currently in stock (such as specialty auto parts and truck bed liners).  You can mark an item as a special order item at the time its sold, which places it on a list of special order items in the purchasing module.  When the special order item (such as an auto part) is received from the vendor, MicroBiz alerts the user that the item is attached to a customer order, so that the customer can be contacted and the specially-ordered item can be set aside for pick-up or shipment. 

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Repair & Service Department Management


MicroBiz Cloud’s work order software allows you to record a description of the work to be done, define a handling method and print claim tags to be attached to the item and/or provided to the customer.  You can assign an employee to a work order and enter an estimated completion date to help schedule the work.  Customer owned items and the service history on the item is displayed in the product record.

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In addition to the automotive aftermarket store POS specific capabilities listed above, MicroBiz Cloud includes the following standard features and functionality needed to manage auto parts retailers:


  • Register Quick Pick Keys
  • Bar code label scanning
  • Transaction holds/recalls
  • Returns and Voids
  • Split Tenders
  • Assign Salesperson to Transaction
  • Item and Transaction Discount
  • Stock-level Look-up (multi-store)
  • Store Credits
  • Gift Cards
  • Customizable Receipts
  • Custom Tenders
  • Print or Email Receipts
  • Customer Sales History Look-up
  • Register Close/End of Day Reports
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing
  • Advanced Filterable Product Search
  • Editable Item Descriptions on Receipt


  • WooCommerce Integration
  • QuickBooks Online Integration


  • Phone Orders/Layaways
  • Special Orders (out of stock items)
  • Pick-up, Shipping, Delivery Dashboard
  • Repairs/Service Dept Management
  • Quotes/Estimates/Invoices
  • Check-in of Customer Items for Repair
  • Deposit Collection and Refunds
  • Tax Calculation based on Ship Address
  • Backorder Creation and Filling


  • Multiple Shipping/Billing Addresses
  • Customer Tax Classes/Tax Exempt
  • Credit Accounts/Charge to Account
  • Accounts Receivable Statements
  • Import Customers via CSV File Import

Store Management

  • Flexible and Filterable Reports
  • Enforceable Business Rules on Discounts, Returns, Deposits
  • Employee Roles and Permissions
  • Minimum Deposit Requirements
  • Store Transfers
  • Support of Contactless Payments
  • PCI/PA-DS Compliant Payment Processing

Catalog Management

  • Customer-based Pricing/Product Pricing Levels
  • Product Tax Classes (multiple)
  • Quantity-based Tiered Pricing
  • Time-based promo pricing
  • Alternate Product IDs
  • Fractional Sale Quantities (weight/time)
  • Matrix Products with Size/Color/Other Variants
  • Product images
  • Categories and Sub-Categories
  • Print Barcode Price Labels

Multi-store Inventory Management

  • CSV File Import of Products & Inventory
  • Inventory Adjustment Audit Records
  • Purchase Orders/Vendor Shipments
  • Minimum Inventory Reorder Points
  • Special Order Tracking


    Expand Functionality of MicroBiz via Integrations with Popular 3rd Party Apps

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    Publish register batch financials to QuickBooks Online with one-touch

    • Map POS financial activities to QuickBooks GL accounts
    • Publish register batch financials to QuickBooks with one touch
    • Sync revenue, COGS, inventory values, customer liabilities and payments with QuickBooks
    • Create QuickBooks invoice payable from received vendor shipments
    • Push POS sales taxes to QuickBooks Sales Tax Center for payment management



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    Integrate your POS system with your Woo! ecommerce site

    • Link product records and sync changes in product fields from MicroBiz to Woo!
    • Automatically adjust stock levels in Woo! for store sales to avoid sales of items not in stock
    • Pull online orders into MicroBiz for order and inventory management
    • Capture customer records created online in MicroBiz

    Sell Your Inventory Online with Our WooCommerce Integration


    Create customized public or private wholesale ecommerce stores for your best customers using WooCommerce as integrated with MicroBiz.  You can offer wholesale pricing for registered customers in a secure password protected private ecommerce site.  Display only items curated for a specific customer, such as a fleet manager, corporate customer or restorer.  You can completely hide your WooCommerce private wholesale stores from the public, with only your preferred customers being able to access their microsite with a username and password.

    The products for sale in the private store can be displayed in an easy-to-use grid format, enabling a wholesale buyer to more easily find products and select variants.  You can manage user registration of the employees of your customers – and assign discounts and special prices for items in each private microsite.

    Sales in your private online stores are integrated with MicroBiz Cloud, so that online sales are captured and managed in MicroBiz Cloud, and changes in inventory levels sync between your ecommerce site and your store POS/inventory management system.


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