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MicroBiz for Windows Updates

Looking for the latest version of MicroBiz for Windows?

Please read the important notes and limitations below, then click on the button below to download latest version of MicroBiz for Windows.

MicroBiz for Windows Download

Please Enter Serial Number

Serial number can be found on your license keyblock or at the lower left corner of the F2 main menu screen.

Current Version: 16.3.7 (updated 6/25/2024)

Important Notes:

  • For a single-user system, you must do a ‘Server/Standalone’ install of the program. For a multi-user system, you must first do a ‘Server/Standalone’ install on the “server” which contains the ‘Business’ folder, and then complete a ‘Client’ install on each workstation.
  • Make sure you have a full backup of your ‘Business’ folder, which contains your data, before making changes to your program.
  • If you currently use X-Charge, please contact MicroBiz support before installing an updated version of MicroBiz.  You will need remove X-Charge and install the replacement OpenEdge payment gateway before installing new versions of MicroBiz for Windows. You may also need to make updates to your merchant account.
  • We do not offer CD’s or access to prior versions of MicroBiz.  If you would like to retain a copy of the version running at your store, please create a copy of the executable file in a secure directory location or burn a CD containing the executable file.
  • If you have any custom enhancements, please be sure to check that you have a copy of the enhancement file prior to the update, as certain enhancements may not automatically convert to the lastet version – and may need to be reinstalled.
  • Downloads only apply to customers with a support contract or have recently purchased the software. If you do not have a support contract you can contact MicroBiz Sales at (702) 749-5353 or email at sales@microbiz.com
  • Warning: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 9 or higher is needed to download the update.