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    Real-Time Multi-Store Inventory

    You can see the available stock of an item across all your stores from a single screen. Use this information to sell items available at other stores or fulfill online sales from any location.


    Any Place, Any Time

    You receive all the benefits of true cloud-based software: continual offsite backups, instant software updates and ability to access your application anywhere and anytime.


    Seamless Add-on Integrations

    Integrate with 3rd party applications to extend functionality. Automatically sync items, customers and inventory records to Magento ecommerce. Publish financial data to QuickBooks Online with one click.


    Works with iPads, Mac’s and PC’s

    MicroBiz is flexible and works with any device that you chose - iPad, Mac, Windows. All you need to run your business is a web browser and internet connection.


    Single View of Customer
    Shopping Behavior

    The application captures customer transactions whether they occur online or in stores. This single customer view of customer behavior enables targeted marketing.


    Multi-Channel Order Management

    Online orders can be viewed from the register. Manages phone orders, local deliveries as well as a service/repair department.

    See How MicroBiz Can Help Multi-Channel Retailers Like Carlos

    What’s New With MicroBiz Cloud?

    We are constantly adding new features to MicroBiz Cloud. What’s even better is that all new features are included with your Cloud subscription and you always have the most recent version of MicroBiz when you log in.

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    • Marketing List Builder

      Efficiently build customer marketing lists for export to popular email marketing applications. Lists can be built by last purchase date, items purchased, birthdays, etc.
    • Customer Purchase History

      Quickly and easily look up sales history of a customer right from the register. View transaction details and add reorders to the current transaction with one touch.
    • Customer-Based Pricing

      Set special pricing by customer type (wholesale, loyalty, etc.). Special pricing can be based on $ or % off retail, $ or % mark-up on cost or stated price.
    • QuickBooks Integration

      Map the financial information in MicroBiz to your QuickBooks GL accounts. Instantly publish register batch data to QuickBooks Online with one click.

    Hear What Our Customers Are Saying....

      •  A Plus Computers,   <br/>Fort Wayne, IN

        "MicroBiz's sales and inventory reports have allowed us to become more efficient at tracking our sales as well as replenishing our inventory"

        A Plus Computers,
        Fort Wayne, IN

      • Montana Outdoor Sports, Helena, MT

        "We have a sporting goods store selling over 12,000 products, including clothing, camping, boats, and firearms. MicroBiz was easy to set up and maintain. We can have a new cashier trained and functional their first day"

        Montana Outdoor Sports, Helena, MT

      • Hokema’s Sewing & Vacuum, Redding, CA

        "MicroBiz has allowed me to engage my customer base via my newsletter, and track customer owned repairs via the unique repair tracking feature"

        Hokema’s Sewing & Vacuum, Redding, CA

      • Now You’re Cooking, <br/>Bath, ME

        "Now You’re Cooking opened its doors in 2000 and we’ve changed just about every aspect of the store—all except MicroBiz. It has been the one constant in 13 years of successful selling!"

        Now You’re Cooking,
        Bath, ME

      • The Doll House, <br/>Union City, CA

        "I love MicroBiz. I could not imagine not having your POS program as a part of my business"

        The Doll House,
        Union City, CA

      • Pet's General Store, Lakewood, OH

        "I have looked at all the other POS systems out there and none are as user friendly right out of the box"

        Pet's General Store, Lakewood, OH

      • Unforgettable Body Works, Howell, NJ

        "We couldn’t be more pleased with MicroBiz’s service. We would absolutely recommend MicroBiz to anyone looking for POS software"

        Unforgettable Body Works, Howell, NJ

      • Get Inline Skate Shop, Bristol, UK

        "We are really pleased with your software and the continual stream of new updates. Thank you very much! We would recommend MicroBiz anytime."

        Get Inline Skate Shop, Bristol, UK


    What Types of Stores Use MicroBiz?

    • Bicycle
    • Clothing & Apparel
    • Pet Store
    • Repairs & Services
    • Sporting Goods
    • Vape & ECig
    Bicycle Stores

    Bicycle Stores

    Our Bicycle Store Point Of Sale software is loaded with lots of features to meet the unique needs of Bicycle Stores including: repair shop management, layaways, size/color configurable items, quotes and work orders. Read More

    Clothing and Apparel Stores

    Clothing and Apparel Stores

    MicroBiz’s Clothing and Apparel Point Of Sale software fits the needs of Clothing and Apparel Stores like a glove (please excuse the pun!). Our POS software includes features such as size/color/style inventory, markdown management, layaways, employee sales tracking, and one touch inventory look-up.

    Pet Store

    Pet Stores

    Whether you only sell pets or offer pets alongside lawn and garden items, feed supplies or farm equipment – MicroBiz’s Pet Store Point of Sale can run your business. Our Pet Stores POS system allows you to sell weighed items and manage a department offering grooming, boarding and other services. Customer records show purchases across all of your stores (and web site).

    Service and Repair

    Repairs and Services

    MicroBiz makes it easy to manage a service and repair department. Using our Repairs and Services POS system, you can check-in a customer item, attach a customer record, set a priority, print a claim tag, schedule start and finish dates, assign an employee, add parts and services, collect a deposit and print full page quotes and invoices.

    Sporting Goods Store

    Sporting Goods Stores

    No matter what sporting goods items you carry, MicroBiz Sporting Goods Point Of Sale software can meet your needs. Our Sporting Goods Stores Point Of Sale software features include size/color/style inventory management for apparel and layaways/special orders. We can even manage a service and repair department (for services like racket repairs and uniform decals).

    Liquor Store

    Vape and Ecigarette

    MicroBiz works great for Vape Shops. The Quick Pick panel allows you to show frequently purchased items on the register screen and add them to a transaction with a one touch. Create configurable items for merchandise that comes in different variants – such as flavor, size, flavor concentration and nicotine strength. Use our Orders in Process features for layaways, phone orders and local deliveries/pick-ups.


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