Capture Customer Data Critical to Your Sales & Marketing Activities

MicroBiz customer records include numerous fields and settings to allow you to better manage CRM and marketing activities.  Customer data can be sorted, filtered and exported with a few clicks in a format that can be used with popular email marketing applications such as Constant Contact or MailChimp.

Ways our customer management features can improve your business

Offer customer-based pricing

Improve customer loyalty by offering special pricing based on customer group

Manage customer credit accounts

Allow customers to charge to a house account and send them a statement at the end of the month 

Capture emails for marketing campaigns

Capture customer emails at POS and export for use in email marketing campaigns

Offer superior customer service

Offer great service by having instant access to a customer’s purchase history and profile at the front register

Multi-location Customer View from Front Register

MicroBiz features a front register that tells you everything that you need to provide excellent customer service.  In addition to contact information, the front register customer summary displays the customer pricing group, issuance and redemption of gift cards purchased by the customer, store credits linked to the customer, outstanding special orders and status of the default credit account.

Customer record visible from Front Register
Customer based Special Pricing MicroBiz 1

Customer-based Pricing

You have the ability to assign customers to a pricing group, making the customer eligible for special customer-based pricing and discounts. Prices are adjusted automatically at the register when a customer record with a special pricing group is attached.  Customer tax groups allow you to maintain different tax settings for different customers (such as non-profits or resellers).

Customer Record File Imports

Our data import tools allow you to load your customer data from your existing POS system when switching to MicroBiz.  You can import all critical fields (name, address, email, loyalty group, etc.)  by uploading a CSV or Excel file.

Customer Details

Front Register Customer Sales History

Improve customer service by quickly and easily looking up customer sales history right from the register. The item view allows you to quickly ‘resell’ the item or offer suggestions for complimentary products.  The receipt view allows you to view historical transactions which can be recalled with one touch.  And, the order view shows open work orders, special orders and orders in progress.

Customer sales history at front register

Customer Service Item History

The customer record shows all items check in by a customer for service and repair.  These items can be added to work orders for repeat service.  For each of the items, you can view the service history of the item with one click, including order status.

Customer Details
Multiple Customer Addresses

Multiple Shipping/Billing Addresses

You can maintain multiple addresses for a customer – for shipping and billing purposes. You can add up to five shipping addresses and change the default address at any time.

Credit Accounts/Accounts Receivable

Offer and manage credit accounts to customers, including defining authorized users, setting credit limits and payment terms and the display of current balance and available credit. Credit account records display all charges to the account, payments on balances and authorized user activity.

Customer Statements in Cloud POS
Customer Details

Extensive Customer Data

 MicroBiz customer records include numerous fields and settings to allow you to better manage CRM and marketing activities.

  • Email address
  • Bill and ship address
  • Phone
  • Birth date
  • Customer type
  • Tax status
  • Receipt preference
  • Marketing subscription status


Q. Is there an extra charge for gift cards?

A.  No, our multi-locations real-time gift card management is currently provided at no additional cost in all plans.

Q. Does MicroBiz include a customer loyalty or awards program?

A. Sorry, this is not yet available.

Q. Can I charge different tax rates for different types of customers?

A. Yes, you can use the Customer Tax Class settings to create tax rules for different types of customers. For example, you can exclude certain classes of customers from taxes. There is also a setting in the customer record to make the product tax exempt.

Q. Can I run email marketing campaigns in MicroBiz?

A. Although you can email receipts to customers, MicroBiz is best used as a email address collection tool for 3rd party email applications, such as MailChimp or Constant Contact.  You can export lists of customers from MicroBiz via a CSV file, which can then be sorted and uploaded to 3rd party email marketing platforms for email marketing campaigns.

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