MicroBiz Payments – a Unified Payment and Point of Sale Solution

Get fast and secure payments.  MicroBiz seamlessly integrates with a select group of payment processors to streamline your check out process and allow you to offer value-added payment business from via a unified payments platform.  Secure with semi-integrated payment processing option keeps you out of scope with PCI requirements with MicroBiz Cloud.  


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Payment Processors and Services Supported

MicroBiz seamlessly integrates with multiple payment processors to give you options.  BlockChyp Payments provide a wide range of value added payment services, such as credit card surcharge and card on file, as well as a simple flat rate pricing structure.  WorldPay offers the security of processing with one of the largest payment processors in the US.  Gearfire can underqrite higher risk merchants such as firearm businesses.


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Integrated Payments


Simple Flat Rate Pricing (1)


Card on File/Card Vault


Credit Card Surcharge


Email Invoices with Payment Links


eSignature Capture on Terminal


Logos and Branding on Terminal


Mobile Payments


Online Virtual Terminal


Tips and Gratuity




Integrated Payments


Card on File/Card Vault


Mobile Payments


Online Virtual Terminal

gearfire payments

Integrated Payments


Card on File/Card Vault


Credit Card Surcharge


Mobile Payments


Online Virtual Terminals


Tips and Gratuity


Firearms Friendly

(1) Representative BlockChyp Flat Rate Fee Structure

Card Present Transactions: 2.5% + 10 cents per transaction *
Monthly or Annual Fee: None
PCI Security Fee: None
Other Recurring Fees: None

* Transaction fees may be higher or lower based on types of cards accepted (debit vs credit, basic vs premium rewards).  Card-not-present transaction fees will have a higher processing fee given higher risk.

Want more information on Supported Payment Terminals?

Click here to learn more about supported terminals and their capabilities.

Value Added Payment Services

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Integrated Payments

Accept all popular card types and mobile wallets using any method (swipe, dip, tap).  Card authorization data saved in MicroBiz and printed on receipt.  

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Flat Rate Pricing

Simple flat rate, transparent pricing with no annual, monthly, statement, PCI or other fees.  Statements are easy to understand with a single fixed percentage and transaction fee, such as 2.5% and 10 cents.

debit card on file

Card on File

Storing credit cards securly in the card vault for recurring billing. PCI compliant, fully integrated, and included with your account for no additional fee.

debit card surcharge

Credit Card Surcharge

Automatically add a surcharge fee if customer pay with a credit card.  Card type is detected at the terminal and fee is automatically added to the transaction. 

invoice with payment link

Invoices with Payment Links

Send an electronic invoice to your customers with a payment link, allowing them to pay the invoice online.  Payment is captured in MicroBiz and invoice is automatically marked paid.   

electronic sig capture

Electonic Signature Capture

Lower fraud risk by capturing the purchaser’s signature when closing sales using the payment terminal’s touch display. Signatures are digitally stored by processor for future recall.

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Logos and Branding

Display logos on your terminal’s color display.  Set up in seconds without calling support. You can even display a slide show and full motion video on the terminal.


Mobile Payments

MicroBiz integrated payments supports a number of mobile payment terminals.  These mobile payment terminals can be purchased with attachable power modules, given you the option to configure either as a fixed or mobile payment solution.

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Online Virtual Terminal

Online virtual terminals allow you to securely take credit card payments online using any device that has an internet connection, or by pulling up their stored payment details.

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Tipping on Terminal

Prompt customer with type options using terminal’s color display and save tip entered to transaction record in MicroBiz.

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Initiate pre-authorizations in MicroBiz for authorizing credit cards for transactions such as rentals and security deposits.  Ability to purchase to card using pre-authorization without card being present.

BlockChyp Integrated Payments

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BlockChyp is a leading payments processor focusing on technical advancements and customer experience. With a modern payment infrastucture and sleek and powerful terminals, BlockChyp offers lightning fast authorizations, simple statements, easy set up and a variety of value added features.  To learn more, click here.

MicroBiz Versions: MicroBiz Cloud and MicroBiz for Windows

Terminals: Equinox Luxe 8500i and 6200i.

Transparent payment processing fees

Processing fees and statements are straight forward and easy to understandand, so you can accept payments with confidence.

  • Simple ‘flat-rate’ pricing structure
  • No hidden fees or markups
  • Competitive rates based on card types used
  • No onerous cancellation fees or long-term contracts

Super fast and secure payment processing

BlockChyp platform is a newly constructed payment system that was purpose-built for optimal efficiency, so its secure and faster than most legacy payment platfirms.

  • The BlockChyp network is fast, with 1.5 second average authorization times
  • Unique triple encryption system powered by BlockChyp
  • Payments run on secure network with a PCI-DSS Certification as a Level 1 Service Provider

Quick and easy set-up process

Whether the payment terminals, your online payment portal or your MicroBiz software, getting set up is easy with BlokChyp Payments.

  • Plug-and-play setup process will allow you to activate your service and start accepting payments in minutes
  • Easy-to-use payment portal allows you to configure your terminal and payments offering
  • Our support experts can walk you through the set up process step-by-step
  • Access training resources such as help articles, videos and more

Modernizes your check out process

Interact with customers using sleek payment terminals with interactive color displays and blazingly fast performance to speed the check out process.

  • Accept payments from all major credit and debit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Brand your terminal with your store logos or create slide shows or full motion videos for the color display
  • Mobile terminal options enabling you to support payments anywhere – in-store, curbside or in the field

Payment Partner for MicroBiz Cloud

We have a partnership with WorldPay, one of the largest core payment processors in the US, for integrated EMV payment processing with MicroBiz Cloud. MicroBiz supports integrated EMV compliant integrated payments with WorldPay using Ingenico terminals.  To learn more, click here.

MicroBiz Versions: MicroBiz Cloud

Terminals: Dejavoo Z9


gearfire payments

Preferred Payment Partner for Shooting Sports

For firearms and gun retailers, we have a partnership with Gearfire Payments, a payment provider which offers credit card processing with no firearms restrictions. MicroBiz supports integrated EMV compliant integrated payments with Gearfire using Ingenico terminals. To learn more, click here.

MicroBiz Versions: MicroBiz Cloud

Terminals: Ingenico Lane 5000 and 3000, Line 2500


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Payment Partner for MicroBiz for Windows

Global Payments Integrated (formerly known as OpenEdge or X-Charge) serves in excess of 100,000 businesses in more than 60 industries, offering payment processing services and payments-related technology to help your operation thrive. Global Payments is one of the largest core payment processors in the world,  To learn more about integrated payments with Global Payments Integrated, please click here.

MicroBiz Versions: MicroBiz for Windows

Terminals: Ingenico Lane 5000 and 3000, Line 2500


Non-Integrated Payment Options

If you do not need integrated payments, you can use MicroBiz Cloud on a non-integrated basis with any payment processor of your choice. Simply purchase a stand-alone terminal and enter the tender amounts manually into the terminal.

How Integrated Payments Can Improve Your Operations

Reduce Data Entry Errors

Electronically transfers register transaction totals from MicroBiz to a semi-integrated payment terminal – eliminating data entry errors.

Lower Fraud Exposure

Customers swipe, dip or wave payment cards directly with semi-integrated payment terminal.  Employees do not handle customer cards

Variety of Payment Terminals

Depending on the processor used, you will have the ability to use a variety of terminals from small mobile terminals to large-screen terminals with keypads

Speed-Up Check Out Process

Eliminates the time employees spend manually entering payment amount and authorization data from one system to another

Capture Signatures Electronically

Ability for your payment processor to capture and store electronic signatures made in their terminal (depending on your payment processor)

Multiple Connection Methods

Some devices may allow TCP/IP (wired or WiFi), Serial, USB or Bluetooth connections between the device and the POS system

Simplify Reconciliations

MicroBiz captures and stores authorization data in the transaction record – making it easy to reconcile POS transactions to your processor’s merchant statements

Reduce Exposure to PCI Breaches

Our payment partners are QIR Certified Processors, so you can be sure that all exchanges of payment data are secure and PCI and EMV compliant

Dial Backup

If supported by the device, dial backup is usually automatic if the IP connection fails


Q. What are the fees for credit card processing?

A. MicroBiz is not a credit card processor, so any fees and rates will be part of the discussion with the credit card processor that you decide to use with MicroBiz. The processors above use a third party payment gateway to connect with MicroBiz Cloud, so your processor may bill you for these gateway costs as an addition charge in your monthly processing statement, or your processor may include the gateway costs in your overall processing fees.  Please clarify this directly with your processor.

Q. How much do the payment terminals cost?

A. Payment terminals must be purchased from one of our payment processing partners –  as the terminals are encrypted by the processor.  The cost of the payment terminal will depend on the payment terminal model purchased as well as your processing plan. 

Q. Does MicroBiz share any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) with its processing partners?

A.  MicroBiz does not send or exchange PII (Personal Identifiable Information) of a merchant’s customers with its processing partners.   The communications with processing partners during a semi-integrated payment card transaction is generally limited the transaction amount and a prompt message sent to the payment terminal and a secure ‘token’ containing the transaction authorization data captured back from the terminal. This token does not contain any customer PII data.

Q. What is ‘semi-integrated’ payment processing?

A. Semi-integration is a measure that ensures separation between payment information transmission and other systems, such as a POS software application. The key benefit of a semi-integrated configuration is that no sensitive card account data is sent from the payment terminal to the POS application.  The merchant’s customer interacts solely with the terminal to make payment, and the terminal manages all communication between the terminal and the payment processor.  As a result, the merchant does not need to touch the customer’s payment card.  Once the transaction is processed using the payment terminal, only non-confidential receipt/authorization data is returned from the payment terminal to the POS application.

Q. Can I use my existing payment processing hardware?

A. EMV standards for integrated processing require a credit card terminal with a chip reader that is both: (1) certified with your payment processor, and (2) supported by your POS software provider. So unless you have a terminal supported by a processor above, you will likely need to buy a new EMV credit card terminal. Traditional credit card swipes are not EMV compliant, and are no longer supported by MicroBiz on a semi-integrated basis. Please contact MicroBiz Sales for more information.

Q. Is MicroBiz Cloud PCI compliant?

A. Using MicroBiz with semi-integrated payments will keep you out of scope of any PCI compliance requirements.  All the communication containing sensitive card information is transmitted only between the secure payment terminal managed by the payment processor and the payment processor’s secure servers.  These communications are not transmitted by or through the MicroBiz application.  Payment card data is only captured and transmitted by the payment terminal that you purchase separately from your selected payment processor.  No payment card information is ever read, transmitted or retained by MicroBiz.   Therefore you will not be subject to expensive and time consuming PCI certifications because of the MicroBiz POS application.