MicroBiz Cloud vs Shopify POS

Simply put, If you are looking for a ‘real’ inventory management system, MicroBiz Cloud is a better fit for you.

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Looking for the best alternatives to Shopify POS?  MicroBiz has been in business since the 1990’s and used this experience to build a top alternative to Shopify POS.  MicroBiz is focused exclusively on the development of POS and retail automation software for multi-store specialty retail and services businesses.  In comparison, Shopify was founded as a ecommerce technology business.  Their POS system was added much later.   As a result, their POS system is much more focused on the integration with the Shopify ecommerce platform and less on the core features of top POS systems, such as inventory management.


MicroBiz vs Shopify Missing Features

Shopify is Missing Many Key Inventory Management Features

With MicroBiz, you can manage special orders (the sale of items not in stock at your store).  You can sell kits or bundled items (such as furniture sets or blends of component items).  You can track the average cost of items in inventory in MicroBiz but not in Shopify.   You can also manage the inventory and sell/return items with serial numbers (such as appliances or parts). 

Shopify is Not Focused on Retailers Offering Add On Services

Shopify does not support work orders and related services. MicroBiz allows you to manage your in-store repair or service department.  You can check in a customer owned item, add parts and services, assign to an employee and collect a deposit with ease.  There is also an optional service calandar to help with scheduling your work orders and deliveries.  You cannot do this in Shopify POS.

MicroBiz vs Shopify Jack of All Trades
Shopify vs MicroBiz Piggy Bank

Shopify Requires its More Expensive Shopify Pro Product for Many Key Features

Shopify POS’s basic service is missing several key features that come with MicroBiz.  These missing features require you to purchase the more expensive Shopify Pro Plan.  Missing features include enterprise purchase orders, physical inventory counts and store transfers of items between locations, employee roles and permissions, stock adjustments, delivery management, and others.  All of these are available in  MicroBiz POS’s Standard Plan


MicroBiz is More Affordable


MicroBiz has been in business since the 1990’s and did not need to raise VC money in the 2010’s to fund development.  We do not have fancy offices or flashy marketing campaigns.  This allows us to charge more reasonable prices.

MicroBiz Cloud

-One store
-One register


plus $30/mo. for additional registers

McroBiz vs Vend MicroBiz is Cheaper

Comparison of Features – MicroBiz vs Shopify

The table below provides a comparison of features between MicroBiz Cloud and Shopify POS.  You will see that Shopify POS is missing some key requirements for inventory-centric retailers and retailers offering services. 

MicroBizShopify POS
Remote Accessxx
Management Dashboardxx
Restrictions on Discountsxx
Restrictions on Returnsxx
Accounts Receivablex
Employee Rolesxx
Customizable Receiptsxx
VAT/Tax Inclusive Pricingxx
Customer/Product Tax Groupsxx
Customer & Product File Importsxx
Mobile POSxx
Barcode Scanningxx
Returns & Voidsxx
Split Tendersxx
Suspend/Recall Transactionsxx
Custom Payment Typesxx
Gift Cardsx
Store Creditsxx
Gift Receiptsx
Integrated Payment Processingxx
Discounting by Transaction and Itemxx
Emailing of Receiptsxx
QR Codes & SMSx
Product Quick Add Keysxx
Apply/Assign Salespersonx
Register Close-out (Z Report)xx
Order Managementxx
Work Orders/Service Deptx
Special Ordersx
Min Deposit Requirementsxx
Delivery Managementxx
Quotes, Estimates & Invoicesxx
Product File Imports xx
Auto SKU Generatorxx
Average/Replacement Costxx
Tiered/Quantity Price Breakxx
Customer-based Pricingx
Reorder Level/Quantitiesxx
Time-based Promotionsxx
Product Imagexx
Multiple Tax Levelsxx
Fractional Quantities/Sell by Weightxx
Prompt for Pricexx
Serialized Products/Inventoryx
Matrix/Configurable Productsxx
Kit/Bundled Productsx
Purchasing & Receivingxx
Auto PO Fill by Reorder Levelx
Barcode Label Printingxx
Multi-Store Visibilityxx
Store Transfersxx
Special Order Taggingx
Low Stock Alertsx
Demand Forecastingx
Store Transfersxx
Physical Inventory Countxx
Shipping & Billing Addressesxx
Purchase History by Itemsxx
Customer-based Pricingx
House Accounts/AR Statementsx
Tax Exempt Statusxx
Shopify Ecommerce Integration x
WooCommerce Ecommerce Integration x
QuickBooks Online Integration xx
Integrated Paymentsxx
Apple Pay/Mobile Payxx
Cash Discount/Credit Card Surchargex
Card on Filexx
Username & Passwordxx
Employee Rolesxx
Access by Store xx
Multi-Store Reportingxx
Export to CSV & PDFxx

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