Integrated Payments

Eliminate entry errors, manual reconciliation and employee theft with Integrated Payments

MicroBiz for Windows Integrated Payments Partner

Save time and be more secure with integrated payment processing with MicroBiz for Windows. We offer the following preferred EMV compliant integrated payment option:

OpenEdge Payment serves in excess of 100,000 businesses in more than 60 industries, offering payment processing services and payments-related technology to help your operation thrive. OpenEdge is the integrated payments subsidiary of Global Payments, one of the largest core payment processors in the world.  To learn more about integrated payments with OpenEdge, please visit

How Integrated Payments With OpenEdge Can Improve Your Operations

Reduce Errors

Integrated payments electronically transfers payment and confirmation data directly to your MicroBiz system

Keep Payment Cards on File

Store customer payment cards safely and securely for use with card not present billing

Lower Fraud Exposure

Customers swipe, dip or wave payment cards directly with integrated payment terminal.  Employees do not handle customer cards

Speed-Up Check Out Process

Eliminates the time that your employees spend manually re-entering data from one system to another

Auto Update of Lost & Expired Cards

Free Decline Minimizer service automatically updates expired and outdated card information

Capture Signatures Electronically

Ability to capture, store and attach electronic signatures to receipts, statements and invoices

Simplify Reconciliations

Makes it easier to verify authorization data and reconcile POS payment statements to financial statements

Offer Integrated Gift Cards

Increase sales by offering gift cards with card-based loyalty programs and real-time transaction processing

Reduce Exposure to PCI Breaches

OpenEdge is a QIR Certified Processor, so you can be sure that all exchanges of payment data are secure and PCI and EMV compliant

Supported EMV Terminals

MicroBiz supports the following payment terminals for integrated EMV processing:

Ingenico iPP320

The Ingenico iPP320 is a smaller form factor payment terminal supporting contactless, magnetic stripe and EMV chip smart cards. Features a LCD screen and built-in keypad. Compatible with: OpenEdge

Ingenico iSC 250

The Ingenico iSC Touch 250 terminal is mid-sized terminal supporting contactless, e-signature, magnetic stripe and chip & signature. Features a built-in pin pad, color LCD screen that can be used for electronic signature capture as well as a customer facing display with MicroBiz for Windows. Compatible with: OpenEdge

Note: Starting with MicroBiz for Windows version 16.1, the OpenEdge gateway is used to support integrated payments, replacing the X-Charge gateway.  If you would like to use all the available integrated payments features (card vault, decline minimizer, gift cards), you must have both the OpenEdge payment gateway and MicroBiz for Windows version 16.1 (or later) installed on your computer.  If you do not have MicroBiz version 16.1 (or later) installed, you will need to upgrade your MicroBiz for Windows software. MicroBiz upgrades are free for MicroBiz users currently on a support plan. To purchase a support plan, please contact MicroBiz sales at (702) 749-5353 (option 2 for sales) or click here.

Non-Integrated Payment Options

If you do not need integrated payments, you can use MicroBiz for Windows on a non-integrated basis with any payment processor of your choice. Simply purchase a stand-alone terminal and enter the tender amount manually.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What are the fees for credit card processing?

A. MicroBiz is not a credit card processor, so any fees and rates will be part of the discussion with the credit card processor that you decide to use with MicroBiz. Some of the processors above require a third party payment gateway so additional gateway fees may apply.

Q. Can I use my existing payment processing hardware?

A. EMV standards for integrated processing require a credit card terminal with a chip reader that is both: (1) certified with your payment processor, and (2) supported by your POS software provider. So unless you have a terminal supported by both OpenEdge and MicroBiz, you will likely need to buy a new EMV credit card terminal. Traditional credit card swipes are not EMV compliant but can still be used with MicroBiz on an integrated basis. Please contact MicroBiz Sales for more information.

Q. Can I use MicroBiz with a standalone credit card terminal?

A. Yes, you can use a standalone credit card processing terminal with MicroBiz. Processing confirmation information can be manually entered into the POS transaction record.

Q. Is MicroBiz for Windows PCI Compliant?

A. With OpenEdge EMV integrated payments, your employees do not need to handle a credit card, and your MicroBiz POS system never touches or retains sensitive card data. All the communication with card information is encrypted and transmitted between the payment terminal and OpenEdge. MicroBiz receives and retains a secure token that does not contain any sensitive card data. Using OpenEdge with MicroBiz for integrated payments will keep you out of scope of any PCI compliance requirements.

Q. Do I need integrated payments to electronically capture signatures?

A. While electronic signature capture works best with OpenEdge EMV integrated payments, you also have the option to capture signatures using a supported Topaz signature capture devices while processing payments using standalone payment terminals.  MicroBiz can be configured to display these electronic signatures on printed and emailed customer statements and invoices.

More Questions?

Please call MicroBiz sales at (702) 749-5353 (option 2 for sales) or press the Contact Us button.