MicroBiz Cloud vs Lightspeed POS

Simply put, MicroBiz Cloud is a better fit for specialty retailers at a lower overall cost

MicroBiz vs Lightspeed Tightrope

Looking for the best alternatives to Lightspeed Retail POS?  MicroBiz has been in business since the 1990’s and used this experience to build a top alternative to Lightspeed Retail.  MicroBiz is focused exclusively on the development of POS and retail automation software for multi-store specialty retail and services businesses.  MicroBiz integrates with leading 3rd party applications such as QuickBooks and WooCommerce.  In comparison, Lightspeed has retail, restaurant, quick serve and golf course management solutions as well as a proprietary ecommerce platform.  We have grown organically over the past 20+ years and maintain a cost structure that allows us to charge reasonable prices and still have enough left over to continue enhancing our awesome point of sale software.  

Lightspeed vs MicroBiz Confused User

MicroBiz Has All the Features for Sophisticated Retailers Without the Noise

MicroBiz was developed from the first line of code to focus on the needs of multi-store specialty retailers. MicroBiz has integrations with WooCommerce and QuickBooks Online, and is not cluttered with unnecessary features, plug-ins or paid module extensions.  In comparison, Lightspeed POS tries to be everything to everybody, so the screens can be cluttered and difficult to navigate.  

MicroBiz Does Not Lock You Into a Captive Payment Processing Service

To obtain lowest pricing, Lightspeed requires you to use their own processing service.  This lack of alternatives makes it difficult to switch processors in the event of hidden fees or excessive rates.  MicroBiz does not require use of a captive processor to obtain the lowest subscription rate.

Lightspeed vs MicroBiz Captive Credit Card
Lightspeed vs MicroBiz Piggy Bank

Lightspeed is More Expensive


Lightspeed plans start at $79 per month.  This is more expensive than MicroBiz Cloud.

Lightspeed Retail

-One store
-One register



plus $29/mo for additional registers

* requires Lightspeed Payments


MicroBiz is More Affordable


MicroBiz has been in business since the 1990’s and did not need to raise VC money in the 2010’s to fund development.  We do not have fancy offices or flashy marketing campaigns.  This allows us to charge more reasonable prices.

MicroBiz Cloud

-One store
-One register


plus $30/mo. for additional registers

McroBiz vs Vend MicroBiz is Cheaper
Vend vs MicroBiz MicroBiz Rated 5 Stars

This Cost Differential Adds Up!

Lightspeed MicroBiz
Store/Register 1 $79 $60
Register 2 29 30
Monthly Total $108 $90
    Difference 20% *


* Excludes additional costs from paying potential premium fees for Lightspeed’s locked-in payment processing service.

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