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Gun stores specialize in the sale of firearms, ammunition and related accessories. The best gun store POS systems tightly track inventory, manage the sale of firearm items and capture and maintain the identity of customers for entry into FFL A&D compliance software.  Firearm and ammunition stores can range in size from very small niche shops focusing only on firearms, to shooting ranges, to larger outlets that often sell related merchandise such as hunting gear or hardware. FFLs often sell firearms at gun shows, so a mobile gun show POS system can be handy.  Larger shooting sports gun stores also offer repairs and modification services and need point of sale software that includes work order management for gunsmithing.  Since the sale of firearms and ammunition is highly regulated, gun store point of sale software needs captures relevant information for entry into FFL A&D ‘bound book’ software.

Gun store POS and order managment software designed for the needs of firearms and shooting sports retailers

Affordable POS plans starting at $60/mo with no upfront fees

Killer Feature #1 for Gun Stores: Serial Number Tracking

MicroBiz supports the tracking of serialized inventory or tracking of serial numbers on firearms.  You can set whether an item has serial numbers and whether the tracking of serial numbers is required or optional.  Serial numbers can be added when the item is received into inventory, from the product record or when an item is sold.   The system supports the scanning of bar codes of serial numbers.  Serial numbers can be viewed for both sold and unsold items.  

For more information on serial number tracking, click here.

Killer Feature #2 for Gun Store POS: Electronic A&D Regulatory Software

Our integration with Fastbound A&D software allows you to seamlessly connect your MicroBiz POS system with FastBound.  

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Since 2010, FastBound’s dedicated focus on firearms compliance has protected more FFLs than any other provider.

Electronic A&D Software – FastBound’s Electronic A&D software streamlines compliance for Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) with easy-to-use, ATF-approved record-keeping. 

Electronic 4473 Workflow – Transform any computer, tablet, or buyer’s smartphone into a compliant 4473 with digital signature and digital storage support without transaction fees or special hardware requirements.

Compliance Guarantee – FastBound FFL A&D compliance software includes a guaranteed legal defense related to the use of its software.

How does the Integration with FastBound work?


When you add firearms to inventory in MicroBiz, you can create an acquisition in FastBound with one click.  MicroBiz will send FastBound all required ATF information to FastBound, including the model, name, serial number and all other required ATF data. 

Disposition/4473 Forms

When selling a firearm to a customer MicroBiz, you can start a 4473 registration process in FastBound with one click.  MicroBiz will match the serial number of the item being sold and customer to a record in FastBound – and start a disposition in FastBound.  

Killer Feature #3 for Gun Stores: Work Orders

MicroBiz can manage your gunsmithing activities.  Check in multiple customer items (such as a rifle) and print claim tags.  Enter description of work to be done and service notes. Print quotes and invoices which show due dates, charges for items and services and amount due.  Collect deposits from customers on work orders and set minimum deposit rules.  You can assign an employee to the service request, and use the Order Management portal to manage the delivery, shipment and pick-up of the order.  The customer record in MicroBiz shows all items that the customer has brought in for gunsmithing, and as well as the service history for each item.

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Gun and Shooting Sports Store POS specific features in MicroBiz Cloud include:

Customer Orders MicroBiz

Order Management and Layaways

Take phone orders and orders for products shipped and delivered.  Issue quotes and estimates.  Place a gun on layaway and manage multiple payments over time.  
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Special Orders/Backorders

Sell and track special orders of guns and other items not in stock from the initial order to purchasing and receiving.  When received our system links the item back to the customer order.
Customer Credit Account 500 x 500

Accounts receivable

Extend credit to customers and their employees – such as police departments.  Print AR statements with item level detail.  Collect payments on credit accounts.
GunBiz POS Online Range Booking Demo Booking

Range Management and Online Reservations

You can use the Bookeo app to manage your gun range bookings and allow customers to reserve range time online.  Bookeo’s integration with eWaiverPro allows you to manage online waivers.
GunBiz POS Online Booking Demo Customer area 1

Membership Management

Manage range memberships in Bookeo. Bill members automatically and collect payments on a recurring basis. Offer customer-based pricing based on membership status.

GunBiz POS Online Booking Demo Booking

Classes and Workshops

Allow customers to sign up for a class event or workshop online, including collecting online payments in Bookeo.  Set space limits for classes and set up cancellation policies.
  • Special orders/back orders – allows you to track special order items from the customer order to receiving, to inventory to the POS transaction.
  • Customer deposits – accept and track customer deposits.
  • Layaways – collect deposits while holding the item out of inventory.
  • Multi-dimensional inventory grid – to easily manage multi-attribute items such hunting apparel and footwear with color, size, style and/or width or other attributes.
  • Product images – so clerks can see a picture of the product being rung-up at the register.
  • Editable product description on receipts – ability to edit from the front register the short product description which appears on a receipt.  Helpful when selling unique or customizable items – or items with serial numbers.
  • Restrictions on discounts and returns – management settings allow restrictions to be placed on discounts and returns of products.
  • Phone order support – ability to manage phone orders for pick-up, shipment or delivery through the Orders in Progress module.
  • Minimum deposit requirements – Enforce management rules such as minimum deposits on orders at the store level. 
  • Service item history – Track work and service history of customer-owned items brought in for service.
  • Ecommerce Integration – WooCommerce POS plugin allows you to publish products and images to Woo, sync inventory levels and capture online sales in MicroBiz.
  • Add multiple customer-owned item to work orders – manage multiple firearms within a single work order record – so you can add and track multiple firearms owned by an individual or family a single service record.
  • Markdown management – easily manage group markdowns, quantity pricing, multi-buy items, promotional pricing and bulk discounting.
  • Service department management – allows you to efficiently manage a service department – you can bill by hour or by job, as well as bill for services.
  • Group pricing or discounts – based on customer level or group.
  • Flexible product record fields – to track firearm and ammunition specific item information by vendor, brand, style and category.
  • Trade ins – trade in feature allows you to accept a trade in of an inventory item, create a new trade in record from the order screen or add a ‘prompt for price’ trade in item where you can enter the name and trade in value on-the-fly.
  • Customer sales history look-up – look-up customer purchases by item or transactions from the front register (great for looking up reorders of ammunition).

Integrations with Leading Applications Used by Gun Stores


The integration with FastBound A&D compliance software eliminates the need to manual enter regulated firearm data in two systems.  When you receive a firearm into inventory in MicroBiz, you can create an acquisition record in FastBound with one click.  MicroBiz POS will send FastBound all required ATF data automatically and accurately.  When selling a firearm, MicroBiz can start a 4473 registration process in FastBound with one click.


Publish register batch financial information from MicroBiz POS to QuickBooks Online with a press of a button. No more downloading and uploading of files, faxing or emailing spreadsheets or manually reconciling financial data between your retail system and accounting software.  All your register batch data is seamlessly published to QuickBooks Online quickly and accurately.

Woo Logo

The WooCommerce POS interface syncs MicroBiz inventory with the WooCommerce ecommerce platform –  helping you to manage inventory across your stores and ecommerce site.   You can also publish products to be sold online with one cliick.  This inventory syncs minimizes the potential of selling an item online that is no longer in stock.  WordPress is free open source software, and is a perfect compliment to MicroBiz POS’s affordable gun store POS system.

bookeo gun range reservations

Bookeo is an affordable all-in-one appointment scheduling and membership management software lets your clients book range time 24/7, sign up for classes and training sessions and purchase prepaid packages.  Bookeo can manage the sign up process and recurring billing of membership accounts, with the online payments settling into the same payment processing account as your MicroBiz POS transactions.  

Other POS Features for Gun Stores

In addition to the Ammunition and Firearms POS specific capabilities listed above, MicroBiz Cloud includes the following standard features and functionality needed to manage a gun store:


  • Store Credits
  • Gift Cards
  • Customizable Receipts
  • Custom Tenders
  • Print or Email Receipts
  • Customer Sales History Look-up
  • Register Close/End of Day Reports
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing
  • Advanced Filterable Product Search
  • Editable Item Descriptions on Receipt
  • Register Quick Pick Keys
  • Bar code label scanning
  • Transaction holds/recalls
  • Returns and Voids
  • Split Tenders
  • Assign Salesperson to Transaction
  • Item and Transaction Discount
  • Stock-level Look-up (multi-store)


  • WooCommerce Integration
  • QuickBooks Online Integration

Catalog Management

  • Product Tax Classes (multiple)
  • Quantity-based Tiered Pricing
  • Time-based Promo pricing
  • Alternate Product IDs
  • Fractional Sale Quantities (weight/time)
  • Print Barcode Price Labels
  • Customer-based Pricing/Pricing Tiers
  • Matrix Products with Size/Color/Other Variants
  • Product images
  • Categories and Sub-Categories

Multi-store Inventory Management

  • CSV File Import of Products & Inventory
  • Inventory Adjustment Audit Records
  • Purchase Orders/Vendor Shipments
  • Minimum Inventory Reorder Points
  • Special Order Tracking (ties vendor shipment to customer order)



    • Quotes/Estimates/Invoices
    • Check-in of Customer Items for Repair
    • Deposit Collection and Refunds
    • Tax Calculation based on Ship Address
    • Backorder Creation and Filling
    • Phone Orders/Layaways
    • Special Orders (out of stock items)
    • Pick-up, Shipping, Delivery Dashboard
    • Repairs/Service Dept Management


    • Multiple Shipping/Billing Addresses
    • Customer Tax Classes/Tax Exempt
    • Credit Accounts/Charge to Account
    • Accounts Receivable Statements
    • Import Customers via CSV File Import

    Store Management

    • Store Transfers (multi-store)
    • Support of Contactless Payments
    • PCI/PA-DS Compliant Payment Processing
    • Flexible and Filterable Reports
    • Enforceable Business Rules on Discounts, Returns
    • Employee Roles and Permissions
    • Minimum Deposit Requirements

    Firearm Friendly Payment Processing

    For firearms and gun retailers, we have partnerships with Gearfire Payments and Payroc, which both offer credit card processing with no firearms restrictions.  Gearfire is our preferred partner for firearms and shooting sports businesses, and is committed to supporting the sale of firearm, offering a reliable and affordable credit card payment processing solutions.

    gearfire payments

    Gearfire Payments manages the payments for over 2000 firearms businesses. GearFire Payments provides gun stores EMV enabled credit card terminals, integrated firearm POS credit card processing, and mobile processing solutions for tablets and smartphones. Gearfire also offers credit card processing for firearm eCommerce sites and online Firearm auctions.  


    payroc primary logo 220

    Founded in 2003, Payroc processes over $93 billion annually for more than 158,000 merchants and over 30,000 clients. Payroc offers a variety of payment processing options, including omnichannel, in-person, online, and on-the-go. Payroc’s terminals can accept all card types, including contactless, EMV, magstripe, and digital wallets.

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