(also P-Card) A business to business or business to government card usually used for small purchases which would normally require a Purchase Order, Invoices or Checks, thus saving unneeded paperwork and making companies more efficient. Advantages include: §   Streamline efficiency, reduce paperwork.
§   Easy tracking and daily accounting where large companies can easily link purchases made to different vendors, to the proper departments within the company.
§   Cards can be issued to specific departments or employees with spending limits to help fight overspending and stay within budget. Limits can be set according to time periods, such as a week or a month, or per transaction.
For the best rates to merchants who receive Purchasing or Corporate cards, always enter the Sales Tax amount and/or Purchase Order number if prompted. The values entered are actually ignored, but if left blank or “0,” this may result in a downgraded transaction because Associations may presume it is higher risk. If your terminal or software does not prompt for these fields but you are sure you are receiving Corporate or Purchasing Cards, ask your Processor to include these prompts so you may enjoy lower rates on those transactions.

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