February 2016 – MicroBiz for Windows Version 15.5 Now Available!

The latest version of MicroBiz for Windows POS software is now available. Version 15.5 enables full support of integrated EMV payments and addresses many frequently reported issues.

If you would like to update your software to the latest version, please use the installation wizard accessed through download link at the bottom of our home page, or give our support team a call at (702) 749-5353 option 1. If you need to purchase a support contract, please call our sales team at (702) 749-5353 option 2.

Highlighted New Features in Version 15.5
Integrated EMV Payment Processing – When integrated with OpenEdge payments (aka XCharge) MicroBiz is certified to accept EMV payments. Through this integration, MicroBiz automatically sends the amount due to the payment terminal, where it is displayed to the customer on the terminal’s LCD screen. Customers can pay with:

  • traditional magnetic stripe cards;
  • EMV chip cards; and
  • Popular mobile wallets including (ApplePay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay).

Once the transaction is securely authenticated by the processor, MicroBiz receives and securely stores the card transaction data in the POS transaction record – making reconciliation of batches a breeze – and also prints all required payment info on the receipt.

Use of Payment Terminal as a Customer Display – The Ingenico iSC 250 can be used as customer display when integrated with the OpenEdge payment service. As you ring up merchandise, the items are displayed on the screen of the Ingenico iSC 250. This provides a great alternative to a separate customer pole display.

Electronic Signature Capture – Through the use of the Ingenico iSC 250 payment terminal, your customer can sign on the screen of the payment terminal. MicroBiz captures this electronic signature and then can print a digital copy of the signature on the printed receipt – or can provide a signature line on the printed receipt.

Customer Payment Information Displayed on Invoices – When integrated with OpenEdge, the customer’s payment information is displayed on invoices, including cardholder name, card type and last 4 digits of the credit card tendered. This visibly links information on the customer and card used with the transaction record/receipt – providing a great audit trail for returns and exchanges.

Print 80 Column Receipts via PDF – Version 15.5 includes additional 8.5” x 11” 80 columns receipts that can be printed on a laser printer using your PDF program. PDF documents tend to print much more clear and crisp.
Runs on Windows 10 Computers – MicroBiz for Windows Version 15.5 has been tested to work with Windows 10 Professional computers. So there is nothing holding you back from upgrading your computer hardware. Plus, MicroBiz Version 15.5 remains backward compatible with all supported versions of the popular Microsoft Windows Professional operating system (Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10).
Version 15.5 Bug Fixes

Version 15.5 addresses many commonly occurring bugs and glitches including:

  • Sporadic close-out errors causing close-outs to fail or not print or carry over previous data.
  • Additional credit/debit card receipts not being printed consistently.
  • Purchase orders printing blank via PDF.
  • Gift card issuance exceeding gift card balance.
  • DOS or impact style printing performance issues.
  • Department/Style/Size/Color Input Tables errors when adding items.
  • Department/Style/Size/Color Input Tables now allow you to close via either the Close button or the red ‘x’.
  • Resource File Errors after upgrade.
  • DB_Bufflock Errors.
  • Alternate Payment Types at EOD issues.
  • Duplicate Vendor ID error when adding a new and unique Vendor ID to the system.
  • Set default request time for purchase orders activated with a Vendor loaded to the PO window (option is set within the vendor settings).
  • And more….
Wanted: Bug and Enhancements for 2016
We are already working on the next version of MicroBiz for Windows, version 15.6, scheduled for Q2 2016.

To make sure we are prioritizing our enhancements of MicroBiz optimally, we would love to hear from you. If you have a bug fix of enhancement request that you would like to see in the next version or a future release of MicroBiz for Windows, please email us at [email protected].