MicroBiz Tip of the Month– Minimizing a Power Related Computer Failure

U.P.S. Battery Backup’s – U.P.S. battery backups work by storing electricity in a battery for later use. Most U.P.S. systems also have surge protection allowing any device plugged in to be safe from a normal power surge. Many units have different ratings to provide better protection and also allow more devices to be connected at the same time. Be sure to check the power ratings on your device(s) to ensure that you purchase a U.P.S. adequate for your needs. You may need more than one U.P.S. depending on workstations and other equipment being used.

Line Conditioner’s – Line or power conditioners are devices that improve the quality of the power provided to computers by smoothing the voltage of the electricity received before it’s delivered to connected electrical equipment. Power conditioners can vary greatly in specific functionality and size. Some power conditioners provide only minimal voltage regulation while others provide protection from half a dozen or more power quality problems, such as harmonics, reactive power, power line flicker and resonance.

New Hardware – Newer computers generally provide better performance and protection than older machines and use less power. The newer computers also have better integrated surge protection than older models. While not all hardware is protected against power surges and under voltages, you can be assured with that the right equipment, you will be more protected.

Back-up Your MicroBiz Software – You should be backing up your MicroBiz software on a regular basis. When creating any backup, you should also periodically remove this data from your facility and store at a secure offsite location for the best possible security. MicroBiz provides an internal backup solution which saves all critical files to a defined folder or location.


You can set up the MicroBiz backup functionality at Management/Customize/Global Settings/File Backups to automatically backup critical data before or after a closeout or after other defined events. Please note that saving data across a network may result in a longer backup process.