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    Our Core Values and Principles

    • Our Manifesto

      In forming MicroBiz, we wanted to do things differently than other point of sale vendors. In order to keep us focused on our common mission to offer the best retail management system for local merchants, wehave published our Manifesto which is meant to be the guidelines and principles for our business and our relationships with our customers and partners. They’ve evolved over time, and reflect our philosophy of continual self-improvement.

      #1 No Gotcha's

        • We strive to be honest and transparent with customers. We want to fully educate customers on our product, allow them to test it out for free and avoid any hidden fees, large upfront costs or long term contractual lock-ups.

      #2 Simplicity Rules

        • Given the choice, we will always choose speed, reliability, and simplicity over maximization of features. We will never claim that our software will do everything for everybody, but we will claim that it will be easy to use.

      #3 The Customer is King

        • We believe a referral from a trusted source is 10x as valuable than general advertising. So, if we create a great product and provide awesome service – word will get out – either through our partners or through customer referrals.

      #4 Play Well With Others

        • We fully embrace an open architecture - as we realize that we cannot provide every feature and service that a retailer will need. So, we have designed our software from the first line of code to easily integrate with other third party apps and services.

      #5 We Are a Technology Company First

        • We believe that new technologies like mobile payments, social networks, locational based services and mobile computing are fundamentally changing the way consumers shop, and we want to be at the forefront of this wave in order to provide our customers with easy to use tools to capitalize on these changes.

      #6 You Get What You Pay For

      • We will not sacrifice quality in order to have the cheapest solution. We are focused on offering a great product at a fair price – providing a win for the retailer, our partners and our company.