MicroBiz Tip of the Month: Importing a Vendor File

Many customers have the need to enter a vendor catalog into their POS system or make price changes in bulk. Rather than make these changes manually, you can use the “Import SKUs, Descriptions and Prices” feature, which allows you to import new SKUs and also update existing prices, descriptions, etc., by uploading the data directly into MicroBiz. This feature is found under Management | Import/Export Data | Import New SKUs and Update Existing Prices and Descriptions. When you open the Import New SKUs

The file imported will need to be in a comma delineated CVS format. The column headers have to be exactly the same as they are in the MicroBiz database. Here is an example of what the CSV file should look like with the headers at the top of the columns.


“ITEM1″,”SAMPLE ITEM”,12.00,12.00

You can also add new columns by adding column headers that match the MicroBiz database headers.


“ITEM1″,”SAMPLE ITEM”,12.00,12.00,5.00,123

The CSV file should be saved in the root of the drive or within the BizWin or Business folder and can be created in Excel or Notepad. If you need any help creating the CSV file for import, please contact MicroBiz support at 702-749-5353.