March 2016 – Overview of New Features Available in MicroBiz Cloud 1.40

We released a new version of MicroBiz Cloud in North and South America on March 15, 2016 and it will be released in Europe and Asia Pacific on March 18, 2016.

Because MicroBiz Cloud is browser-based, the cached images stored in your browser can sometimes conflict with the updated images generated by the new version of MicroBiz Cloud. Therefore, if you notice any unusual behavior following an update, the first step is to clear your browser cache. This cleans out the cache of old images, enabling the browser to capture and store the new images generated by the updated version of MicroBiz.

If you need help clearing the browser cache, click here.

Highlighted New Features in Version 15.5
Customer List Builder (great for email marketing!)

Our new Customer List Builder report/export gives you the ability to build custom reports and downloads of customer data using a large array of available filters. You can now quickly create customer lists for marketing campaigns based customer demographics and transaction history, such as age, gender, zip code, birthday, last purchase date, brand, vendor, purchased item category or sub-category – and many other metrics.

As an example, the screen below shows a list being generated with female customers that have purchased Nike shoes in the last 90 days.

All lists can be exported to a CVS file, which can then be used to create mailing labels or for upload into popular email market applications such as Constant Contact or MailChimp. List filter settings can also be saved to speed up the generation of future marketing lists (such as a list of customers with birthdays next month).
This new feature can be found from Store Operations under Customers>Customer List Builder. For a detailed tutorial on how to use this new feature please click here.
Switching Cashiers Made Easier

You will now be able to switch cashiers without having to logout of the system each time. This new feature can be found under your Action Menu in the Front Register in the “Register” section. The button, Lock Register/Switch User, will now be present. The blue button that is presented will give you the switch cashier menu prompt. For a detailed tutorial on how to use this new feature please click here.

Transfer Detail Report

Now available under Reports>Inventory>Transfer Detail Report, this new function allows you to generate an exportable report showing all store transfers conducted between locations. The report can show different stores as well as all available status (completed, in progress, draft).

For a detailed tutorial on how to use this new feature please click here.

Functionality to Delete Adjustments

A delete button is now available in inventory adjustments to undo any changes that may have been accidentally been input into the system. Deleting an adjustment will revert all inventory movements and remove the transaction from any items involved. For a detailed tutorial on how to use this new feature please click here.

Functionality to Revert Inventory Balance to Zero (great for entering physical inventory count adjustments!)

Many customers have requested the ability to ‘zero out’ inventory balances to assist in inventory updates after a physical count.

A utility has now been implemented to allow for you to reset the inventory balance of a store to zero if needed. This tool can be found in More Options under Adjustments to Inventory. For a detailed tutorial on how to use this new feature please click here.

*NOTE* – If you have a large amount of products in your catalog this can take 5 or more minutes to complete. Please run this tool with caution.
Receipt Template Test

A button has now been added to the Receipt Templates section that will allow for you to view and test the output of whatever receipt format you may have setup.

Customer Order Summary Report

The Customer Order Summary Report has been added to allow for you to create reports for all orders in a status (or statuses) that you want to report on. You will be able to create custom reports that include multiple current statuses of orders, multiple stores and time frames. For a detailed tutorial on how to use this new feature please visit the related support article here.

Visual Emphasis on Status Boxes

A visual rework of the status combo boxes for areas like Purchase Orders and Supplier Shipments have been added.

Other Enhancements

  • Payment Panel Resolution Increase – Due to the difficulty of use when on a touch interface, the payment panel at the front register has had an increase in resolution.
  • Orders in Progress (OIP) Printouts – You will now notice that there are three separate printouts for OIPs (one for each type of OIP).