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    Launch POS Using Your Magento Data (or Vice Versa)


    Operate the Most Feature-Packed Magento POS AvailableMicroBiz is much more than a Magento POS register plug-in. MicroBiz Cloud is an enterprise-class retail point of sale system that has features required by sophisticated multi-store, multi-channel retailers to run their front-end and back-end operations. To see all the POS/store management features in MicroBiz Cloud – please see POS Features.

    Operate Efficiently With Complementary Back-End Management ScreensMicroBiz leverages the open API of Magento to deliver a seamless retail store operations/ecommerce management platform.   The screen layouts and search functions in MicroBiz and Magento look and function like each other, the product and customer records share the same attributes, and the back office management tools of the two applications are complementary.
    Display Different Languages or Currencies on ReceiptsYou can customize messages on printed receipts and emailed receipts to the language of your choice.  You can even chose a functional currency for all of your stores to be displayed on receipts and POS screens.
    View Your Outstanding Magento Orders from the POS TerminalMicroBiz captures your Magento Orders and displays them in the Order Management screen in MicroBiz. This allows you to see if there are any outstanding Magento Orders to be processed without leaving the POS application. Orders can be filtered by Status and sorted and searched by any relevant field.