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    Cloud POS and Mobile Payments for Omnichannel Retailers


    Ring Up Sales Fast and EasilyQuickly scan items into the register using bar codes – or add items with one touch. Discount individual items, groups of items or the entire transaction. You can do price checks and check inventory. It's so intuitive that employees will be able to use the POS application with almost no training.

    Use One Touch Keys for Frequently Sold ItemsAdd any items to a transaction with one touch – even non-inventory items such as service and delivery charges. The keys can be set to prompt for the price or the size or color of an item. Drill down into sub-categories of quick keys, providing access to hundreds of items arranged by category.
    Search for Items and Customers Using Any Type of DataUse multiple ways to search for products and add them to a transaction. You can scan an items bar code, or search for products by name, SKU or ID, brand, supplier and price. The same search methodology is used to search for customers, transactions, gift cards, credit memos – and price checks.
    Split Payment Between Multiple Tender TypesCustomers can use multiple forms of payment for a single transaction. For example, customers can pay for half a transaction with a gift card or store credit – and the remaining balance with a credit card.
    Track Loyalty and Employee CommissionsAttach customers to transactions to help track loyal customers and gather marketing data. Customers can be searched by name, phone number, birth date, zip code, address and date of last visit. Employees can be attached to transactions to assist in the calculation of employee commissions.
    Email or Print Receipts to CustomersYou have the option to print or email receipts to your customers. Receipts may be formatted with your store logo, transaction bar code, website address and a customer message. Emailing receipts is a clever way to collect email addresses from your customers for outbound marketing campaigns.
    Issue and Redeem Gift Cards Across Multiple LocationsIssue, track and redeem gift cards in real-time across multiple store locations without using an outside payment processor. Use standard gift card stock purchased from any 3rd party vendor. Cards can be sold in fixed or variable amounts. Plus it's included for free with your paid subscription.
    Check Inventory at Other Locations From Front RegisterWith one touch from the register screen, you can see if an item is in stock at any one of your other locations. If you use MicroBiz for purchasing/receiving, you can also see if the item is on order and when it is expected.
    Works With iPads, Macs and PCsMicroBiz is web-based and runs on PC’s, Mac’s and iPads. It is compatible with industry standard peripherals, including printers, cash drawers and barcode scanners – when using a PC. See our Store for our supported hardware, peripherals, bundles, supplies and lease program.
    Track Cash Deposited/Taken from Cash DrawerRemove cash from the register for security or add cash to the till. Cash drops and adds are shown on the Z reports and register reports.
    Close Out Registers at the End of Day AutomaticallyRegisters can be batched at the end of the day to help reconcile sales to deposits. Close-out process allows you to keep a specified amount of cash in the till and includes a Z report showing a daily snapshot, salesperson activity, category totals, taxes collected and tender types.