Makes Creating Products Simple and Matrix Products Quick Easy

It’s a breeze to add, edit and remove products, including images, stock levels and taxes. Flexible pricing options include support for discounting, sale campaigns price levels.
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Marketing and Promotions

You have the ability to market your business and run promotions with the touch of a button with MicroBiz for Windows. You can automatically create fliers and sell sheets for items in inventory, including product descriptions, pictures and pricing. Other marketing and promotions features include:

  • Item or invoice discounts
  • Multiple price levels
  • Time-based promotions
  • Kit grouping and discounts
  • X, Y auto-pricing
  • Customizable price schemes

Kits and Bundled Items

MicroBiz for Windows handles the sale of items in kits or bundles. Our software allows you to track inventory of the individual products and offer a special price for the kit or bundle. When a grouped item is sold, the system adjusts inventory for all the individual items.

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Size/Color Matrices

Our multi-variant matrix allows you define multiple sizes, colors, or any other variation of your products. And with support for up to two types of variants per product, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination and the size of your stock room. For apparel retailers, MicroBiz for Windows allows you manage an “apparel matrix” that gives you the ability to track all your sizes, colors or styles for each item in inventory.

Serialized Items

MicroBiz for Windows handles the sale of items that are tracked by serial numbers. You can also easily receive, inventory, sell and service items with ID or serial numbers.  When selling an item with a serial number, the POS screen automatically prompts you to select/enter the serial number of the item being sold. You can search or report on the transactions with serial numbers.

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Free 30 Day Demo Download

Check out all the features of MicroBiz for Windows for 30 days by downloading a demo version - including sample product and customer data.


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