We are excited to release a new version of MicroBiz for Windows with more requested features.  Version 16.0.1 of MicroBiz includes:

  • Emailing of receipts, invoices and statements directly from MicroBiz without the need for a 3rd party email client (such as Outlook).
  • Ability to bulk email batches of customer statements with one click
  • Integration with the Topaz line of electronic signature capture devices, allowing you to capture and attach signatures to invoices
  • Sales by Hour report to provide better insight into daily operations

Native Emailing of Receipts, Invoices and Statements

Version 16.0.1.allows you to email receipts, invoices and Customer statements directly from MicroBiz without having to use third party email software such as Outlook or Thunderbird. This greatly simplifies the process of emailing documents from MicroBiz.

New Management Reports

We have added two new reports – one showing all the receipts/invoices and customer statements documents that have been sent via email, and the other displaying sales in your store by the hours of the day, up to 16 hours per report.

Modernization of More Screens

We have enhanced/modernized the appearance of additional screens and forms including the F9-Print Options, Purchase Orders, Management Hardware/Printer Options, Vendor Add/Edit, and many others. Updates include larger buttons and fields for better touch screen and mouse navigation and a more consistent layout/workflow.

Electronic Signature Capture Integration

MicroBiz is now integrated with a line of Topaz Signature Capture devices, enabling you to capture and store an electronic signature for charge-to-account transactions and all three custom tender options. Does not require integrated payment processing.

Improved Printer Management

We have upgraded MicroBiz to better integrate with the printer management capabilities included with your Windows operating system. As a result, the system no longer uses legacy Control Codes when setting up Printers.

Embedded ShowMyPC Application

The ShowMyPC application embedded in MicroBiz has been updated to the latest version, and will now install to its own folder upon its first usage. This will make it easier to update MicroBiz while remotely accessing your system.

And Much More…..

In addition to the above enhancements, the dozens of additional bugs and issues have been addressed in the release of Version 16.0.1. Click here for more details.