New Release of MicroBiz for Windows – Version 15.3 Now Available

The newest release of MicroBiz for Windows, version 15.3, is now available. New features in this release include:

  • Closeout Process – The closeout process will now let you retry a closeout if there was a printing or computer issue during the closeout process.
  • Software Installer – Once upgraded to 15.3, all your future installs will be managed by a new installer package.
  • Tender Types – Tender type options are more flexible, simpler to use and more powerful.
  • Coin Rounding – Canadian retailers now can automatically round transactions at POS.
  • Other upgrades in Version 15.3 include:
    • Electronic signature capture using Magtek’s “IPAD SC” on any tender type;
    • Simple Closeout failure recovery;
    • Automatic invoice recovery;
    • Option to use new updated user interface without losing title bar and taskbar;
    • Improved Return to Credit Card design;
    • Improved transaction setting organization;
    • …and dozens and dozens of bug fixes.

If you would like to see if a particular issue is addressed in Version 15.3, please see the release notes at or give us a call.

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