Refer a Customer, Get a Commission

Refer a customer to MicroBiz and get a commission equal to two months of their monthly support or subscription fees.

Program Overview

The MicroBiz Referral Program makes it easy for anyone to earn commissions by referring new customers to MicroBiz:

  • Earn two months software support or subscription revenue for each new customer agreeing to a contract for our software including software support and updates.
  • Just refer customers to MicroBiz and we will close the deal.
  • No minimum fees or other obligations to be part of the Referral Program.

Is super simple.  Just fill out the form below and tell us who you are referring.  You can also call or email us at  When the referred account makes its first annual payment or its second monthly payment, we will send you a commission equal to two months of subscription fees.  Your commission payment will be sent straight to your PayPal account based on the email provided below.

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