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    MicroBiz for Windows Updates

    Click below to download latest version of MicroBiz for Windows.

    Current Version: 16.0.1 (updated 11/06/2017)

    Important Notes:

    • For a single-user system, you must do a SERVER/STANDALONE install of the program. For a multi-user system, you must first do a SERVER/STANDALONE install on the "server", which contains the BUSINESS folder, and then do a CLIENT install on each workstation. As always, make sure you have a full backup of your BUSINESS folder, which contains your data, before making changes to your program.
    • Downloads only apply to customers with a support contract or have recently purchased the software. If you do not have a support contract you can contact MicroBiz Sales at (702) 749-5353 or email at [email protected]
    • Warning: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 9 or higher is needed to download the update.
      • Install/ Upgrade Documentation

        Upgrading MicroBiz From 15.3 and Newer Versions
        Upgrading MicroBiz From 15.2 and Older Versions
        Transferring MicroBiz to a New Computer
        Installing MicroBiz for the First Time

        Release Notes

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