We wanted to make everyone aware that an overview of MicroBiz Cloud POS software was recently published on FitSmallBusiness.com.  This website provides potential buyers of software a variety of information to assist in their search.  In addition to retail management software, FitSmallBusiness.com also offers reviews and comparison of software in the finance, accounting, HR, ecommerce and sales verticals, among others. In compiling its research, the author of the MicroBiz profile from FitSmallBusiness noted favorable customers reviews for MicroBiz posted online.  These reviews said that MicroBiz Cloud is very easy to use – particularly its front end user interface.  It also has extensive features and an intuitive overall design.

We want to encourage all users of MicroBiz to submit a review of their experience with our software on the FitSmallBusiness.com website (hopefully all positive!).  

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