May 2016 – New Version of MicroBiz for Windows Now Available – Version 15.5.2


An updated version of MicroBiz for Windows POS software is now available. Version 15.5.2 fixes several reported issues.

If you would like to update your software to the latest version, please click here (requires a valid Support contract), or give our support team a call at (702) 749-5353 option 1. If you need to purchase a support contract, please call our sales team at (702) 749-5353 option 2.

MicroBiz Version 15.5.2 Updates:

Corrections/Bug Fixes in v15.5.2

  • Sporadic Closeout Errors causing closeouts to fail or not print or carry previous data
  • Print Credit/Debit Card Receipt / Print Additional Credit/Debit Card Receipt is fixed
  • DOS or Impact style printing improved with DOS control codes
  • Resource File error after installation fixed
  • Department/Style/Size/Color – Duplicate Code ID error fixed
  • Department/Style/Size/Color – Close button is fixed
  • DB_Bufflock errors are fixed
  • Alternate Payment Types now show at EOD
  • Duplicate Vendor ID error fixed
  • Vendor Setting for Average Lead Time on all PO’s is fixed
  • Notes are easier to read / not displaying in reverse
  • CC Expiration Date now prints as xx/xx
  • Print Digital Signature/Notice is only available when a sig cap device is enabled
Improvements/Enhancements in v15.5.2:

  • OpenEdge EMV Compatibility with X-Charge or OpenEdge payment gateway v8.1.1 or earlier
  • Print 80-Column Receipts through your PDF program. v15.5 introduces passthrough compatibility for 8.5×11 sheet style printers that would not print in MicroBiz previously (Print Setting)
  • New ‘Disallow Charge to Account’ setting located in each Customer’s Account Record
  • OpenEdge Receipts have been updated to print the Credit Card Name or the Customer loaded based on data returned from OpenEdge payment gateway
  • Receipts have been updated to print digital signatures when captured and the print setting to print digital signatures is checked (where applicable). Please note that this Signature does not print for Gift Cards or Payment Types other than Credit Card
  • Receipts have been updated to print the notice of a digital signature captured if the print setting to print ‘Notice of Digital Signatures’ is checked
  • We now have the MicroBiz Show My PC application added to the installation and can now be launched by going to the Main Menu and selecting Help.
  • Ship Via Print Settings works with Invoice 18
  • Condensed EMV Receipts printed formats are now available. There is at least one condensed receipt per invoice format 80 or 40 column, per vertical
  • Slow/Fast Moving Products (Addition of Fast Moving Product Filter)

Update on OpenEdge Bug Impacting Names Printed on Receipts

Many OpenEdge users have reported that the customer name shown on a printed EMV receipt is not always the name of the credit card holder. Instead the name in the MicroBiz customer record attached to the transaction is used for the printed receipt. This can create issues as the cardholder name is not necessarily the name on the account. This is caused by a bug in the OpenEdge payment software.

OpenEdge just informed us that this bug is scheduled to be fixed in a future release, OpenEdge v8.1.1.6. We will provide an expected release date as soon as OpenEdge releases its release schedule.

New Lower Cost Tag Printing Option –
Dymo LabelWriter Price Tag Printers
For those MicroBiz for Windows users that are looking for a lower cost option to print bar code price labels, we now support the Dymo LabelWriter printers.

This printer offers the ability to print up to 51 address, shipping and barcode labels per minute. This printer includes its own print label management software, allowing you to set-up and print many different types of label formats right from the printer. The Dymo prints on easy-peel, split-back D1 tape (1/4-, 3/8-, or 1/2-inch sizes). Thermal printing creates labels with no ink or toner. Connect to PC or Mac, and you’re ready to print labels right from MicroBiz, and well as Word, Excel, Outlook and other programs.

To learn about the limitations and set-up of a Dymo Printer, please click here. Please note that the Dymo is not fully integrated and does not print natively from the MicroBiz application. You will need to export the data from MicroBiz to a BCR.TXT file and then upload into the Dymo print manager software. When printing from the Dymo LabelWriter program, the variable fields setup in the template can map to the data being imported.

Tired of Receiving Windows 10 Upgrade Notices? We Can Help.
Are you a Windows 7 or 8 user that is tired of getting the periodic pop-ups about an upgrade to Windows 10? Would you like to remain on your current OS version without getting the pesky ‘update to Windows 10’ message? Simply go to ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS from the Control Panel in the Microsoft operating system, and select Show Windows Updates. From there, remove the update KB3035583 and when you do a search for windows updates right-click on this option and select HIDE UPDATE. This will allow you to stay on your OS without the auto-update occurring or without getting the ‘Update to Windows 10’ pop-up every other hour.

Want us to help you do this automatically? Just contact support and the will send you a Registry Key that will stop these update messages and ensure that your OS will not update automatically. They can unzip and run the REG file within the zip on any Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 computer to embed the registry key. Then restart the PC to remove the GWX or Get Windows 10 notices and auto-update.

Upgrading Computers? Remember to Upgrade MicroBiz as Well
As a reminder, older versions of MicroBiz for Windows have known issues with newer Windows operating systems. Only Version 15.5 has been tested to work with Windows 10 Professional computers. Plus, MicroBiz Version 15.5 remains backward compatible with all supported versions of the popular Microsoft Windows Professional operating system (Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10). So, if you have upgraded your computer running an older version of MicroBiz for Windows, any freezes, lost features and glitches may be caused by you older version not being compatible with newer versions of Microsoft Windows OS.