MicroBiz Tip of the Month: Security Settings in MicroBiz


The first step in adding security to MicroBiz is to add usernames and passwords for all employees who are using MicroBiz. This can be done through: “Management” – “Add/Edit Password”.You will need to use the “Add” button to add a new user. Enter in the login name and security number. Note that Level 0 is for higher security users (managers) and Level 98 is for lower security users (employees). You will want to create at least one administrator username with security set to 0, meaning they can have access to every function in the program. IMPORTANT: Make sure you remember your administrator username and password, as MicroBiz Support will not know this information.When you have all employees set up, click on the “Save” button to save your changes.

Security Levels

Next, you will want to edit your security levels. This can be done through: “Management” – “Edit Security Level”. You will see a list of all of the available functions in MicroBiz. The number for these functions will need to be changed according to the level you have set for your employees in “Add/Edit Password.” It is recommended that you make sure that “Edit Security” and “Add/Edit Password” are both set to level 0 so that only the administrator can make changes to security.

“Transaction Settings” – “Security”

Other functions for security can be found in “Management” – “Customize” – “Transaction Settings” – “Security” tab.

Validate Clerk’s Initials against employee file? – If this option is checked, MicroBiz will cross-check the initials in “Management” – “Add/Edit Password” with “Management” – “Employee Control.” This option would be recommended if you use the “Time Clock” or “Commission” features in MicroBiz.

Carry Security Level Through Initial Signon? – If this option is checked, MicroBiz will only prompt you ONCE for username and password when you enter MicroBiz. Based on the security level of the user logged in, MicroBiz will only allow access to functions associated with that user.

Always Require Customer at F9 Invoice? – If this option is checked, you MUST have a customer loaded to the Work Screen before completing a sale. The below “A.” and “B.” options will require a customer loaded to the Work Screen based on whether you tender using the “Credit” or Debit” options.

Split Add/Edit Security to Add and Edit – If this option is checked, two new security levels will be added in “Edit Security Level” for “Add Product” and “Edit Product.” By default, the security levels will be set to 0 (highest security). This is a useful option if you want different security levels for both editing and adding products.

Windows 8 Hardware is Now Supported by MicroBiz Version 15

We just certified MicroBiz – version 15 to work with the Windows 8 operating system. So, if you are running the latest version of MicroBiz, you may upgrade your Windows POS hardware with confidence.

Five Reasons We Recommend Magento Ecommerce

Given the large number of retailers that are currently planning to launch an online presence, we get lots of customers asking us which ecommerce platform we recommend. While there are many different options available, we recommend Magneto, an open source ecommerce platform owned by eBay Inc. Magento is a powerful yet affordable choice for a whole range of retail businesses – from small single store outlets to huge international chains. Here are five reasons why we recommend Magento:

1. Integration with Thousands of 3rd Party Applications

To run an e-commerce business, you need to integrate with other applications such as payment gateways, shipping services, email marketing, accounting, and many other services. Magento has pre-configured integrations with thousands of third party applications available for free or at a low cost. This makes it easy to integrate ecommerce into your existing retail business.

2. Lots of Integrated Special Tools and Features

Magento comes with many built-in features required to manage your ecommerce business. For example, Magento comes with a built-in SEO multi-currency, product ratings, wish lists, multi-store capabilities, and more.

3. Customizable to Your Specific Needs

Magento is the most flexible ecommerce platform in the market. Magento provides you with the tools and settings to customize the program to meet the specific business needs of virtually any ecommerce business.

4. No Proprietary Technology Lock-In

You never need to rely on propriety technology subject to the continued support of its owner or reliance on expensive consultants. Magento open source and supported by the largest developer community in the market. As a result, Magento receives regular updates with plenty of new features and bug fixes.

5. Best of All – It’s Free!

Because Magento is an open source project, you can download the latest version of the software used by over 150,000 retailers worldwide for absolutely nothing. That’s right – it’s free! You just need to agree to the terms of the Magento open source license.

Please see www.magento.com more information.

Quote of the Month:

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

-Thomas A. Edison