Vape and Ecigarette Store Point of Sale

Top vape store POS software systems help these types of retailers sell both ecigarette devices as well as flavored liquids which are vaporized. Vape retailers require specific features in their POS system including the ability to click through brands, flavors, sizes, and nicotine levels to quickly ring up sales.  Retailers also desire to understand which juices and brands are most popular, as well as monthly inventory reports in a few clicks.  Item records in an ecigarette POS and inventory management system should include a picture so that clerks are presented an image as a reminder to clerks what is being sold.

Vape and Ecigarette POS specific features in MicroBiz for Windows include:

  • Age verification – display of current age cutoff date to assist in register age verification.
  • Up-sell and suggested items – auto prompting at register triggered by the type of merchandise being purchased – so a customer buying a flavor of liquid can be told of a sale on related items (such as mixers).
  • Kits or bundles – allows for bundling or grouping of merchandise, accessories or other related items to be sold as a package at point of sale (such as vaporizers being sold with a set of liquids).
  • Product images – so clerks can see a picture of the product being rung-up at the register.
  • Markdown management – manage group markdowns, quantity pricing, multi-buy items, promotional pricing and bulk discounting.
  • Group pricing or discounts – based on customer level or group.
  • User defined product record fields – to track manufacturer, specs and other vaporizers, accessories, and flavors.
  • Email marketing – deliver targeted campaigns by querying and downloading customer data for use with popular email marketing applications.

In addition to the Vape Store POS specific capabilities listed above, MicroBiz for Windows includes all the standard features and functionality needed to manage Ecigarette Stores. Some but not all of these features are also available in MicroBiz Cloud.  To see a comparison of the features of MicroBiz Cloud and MicroBiz for Windows, click here.


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