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MicroBiz for Windows Version 16 Released!

MicroBiz is has released a major update to the MicroBiz for Windows software effective April 14 2017. This is the most significant release of MicroBiz for Windows in several years. The application still work in the same way that thousands of...

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Accounts Payable Aging Report in QuickBooks Online

Accounts Payable Aging Report in QuickBooks Online Overview The A/P Aging report is the exact opposite of the A/R Aging report, which we covered in the previous lesson. The A/P Aging report provides a list of unpaid vendors that you owe. In order for this report to...

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Receiving (Recording) Payments in QuickBooks Online

If you created an invoice in QuickBooks Online to record a sale to a customer, you are expecting to receive payment from your customer for that invoice. Receiving payments is only necessary if you have an open invoice to apply the payment to. Receiving payments in...

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