August 2016 – Overview of New Features Available in MicroBiz Cloud 1.41

We released a new version of MicroBiz Cloud in the Pacific and European regions on August 31, 2016 and it will be released in the United States region the following week.

Because MicroBiz Cloud is browser-based, the cached images stored in your browser can sometimes conflict with the updated images generated by the new version of MicroBiz Cloud. Therefore, if you notice any unusual behavior following an update, the first step is to clear your browser cache. This cleans out the cache of old images, enabling the browser to capture and store the new images generated by the updated version of MicroBiz.

If you need help clearing the browser cache, click here.

Highlighted New Features in Version 1.41
In-store Sales on Web Accounts

As of now, customers can view their in-store purchases right from their online Magento account on your web store.

As an example, the screen below shows a sale that came through from MicroBiz that can now be easily accessible through your Magento site. The customer can login and access these sales under the “Store Purchases” tab.

Customer Purchase History from the Front Register

You will now be able to view your customer’s purchase history from the front register. This enables you to add frequently purchased items for the customer quickly, view any and all previous transactions as well as view their current and completed orders.
Purchase History can be found from the Action Menu>Customer Tab as shown below.

Opening the Purchase History will present you with the menu below where you can view orders, transactions and past items purchased.
Simplified Closeout Interface

The closeout report and functionality has now been updated and simplified. Below is an example of the simple closeout functionality. This allows for a quick cash closeout of the register if nothing more complex is needed.

Utilizing the “Show More” button will produce a more complex closeout functionality. This will produce a menu that allows for input of Check, Credit Card, Gift Card, etc.. See below for an example.
Lastly, the Z-Report has also been updated. Each section has been broken done into a more easily accessible and legible manner
Functionality to Re-issue/Refund to Gift Cards

The ability to re-issue and refund to gift cards has now been implemented.

Attempting to sell an already active gift card will result in the menus below. This will allow you to add the value towards the current sale or add value to the present value of the card.

In addition, returning a receipt or refunding an item will allow for the “Gift Card” option to return the value back on to the gift card as shown below.
Image Sync

We have added the ability for images to sync from MicroBiz to Magento as well as Magento to MicroBiz. Any image uploaded in MicroBiz will automatically sync to Magento and be set as the Base Image, Small Image and Thumbnail. If you’d like to customize these settings, you must do so from Magento. Any image uploaded in Magento will automatically sync as the primary image for that product in MicroBiz.

Other Enhancements

  • New Work Order button is now only visible in the Work Orders section.
  • New Order button is now visible in all sections except the Work Order section.
  • An issue where importing products and product updates could cause category sync messages to process where they shouldn’t have been processed has been resolved.
  • An issue where the connector plugin attempts to force store selection when shipping even when the quantity was 0 has been resolved.