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    Reseller and Referral Programs

    Become a MicroBiz Partner

    Earn commissions by referring or reselling MicroBiz products and services to your customers, suppliers and partners.

    Referral Program

    Earn two month's subscription or software support revenue per customer – no strings attached.

    • Earn two month's subscription revenue or software support revenue per customer.
    • No minimums, fees or other obligations.
    • Just provide the email address of the prospect to MicroBiz and we will do the rest.

    Certified Reseller Program

    Depending on the product, earn a percentage of the upfront sale and/or a cut of recurring revenue while participating in Merchant Services revenue.

    • For MicroBiz for Windows – Capture a healthy margin when reselling our MicroBiz for Windows software licenses.
    • For MicroBiz Cloud, participate in a multiple streams of revenues from customers:
    • Earn a nice percentage of monthly software subscription revenue.
    • Share in a portion of monthly Magento interface fee.
      • Both products offer the opportunity to bring your own Merchant Services relationship when using our processor neutral gateway.
      • PLUS you get to keep any revenue from hardware onsite installation and training fees that you sell.
      • Upfront registration fee includes base training and certification, a demo subscription and a listing in our Partner Directory.


    Which program is the best for me?

    The Referral Program is great for just about anyone who wants to recommend a really great Windows-based or cloud-based Point of Sale solution while earning valuable commission without any minimums, costs or obligation.

    If your business is providing technology and services to retailers, become a Certified Value Added Reseller to receive basic training and certification on MicroBiz, capture a nice percentage of the upfront sale and ongoing revenue, and get your business featured in our partner directory. Our program is flexible. You can either use MicroBiz’s hardware, services and merchant services offerings, or bring your own solutions.

    Why become a MicroBiz partner?

    • Very easy sale to the customer as MicroBiz Cloud features a modern uncluttered interface coupled with a feature-rich retail management application, a free 21 day demo period, no upfront software cost and low monthly fees.
    • Opportunity for you to get a piece of multiple revenue streams (software subscriptions, interface fees, POS hardware and merchant services).
    • Flexible program terms allows you to bring your own onsite installation, hardware and merchant services.
    • Helps build a base of recurring payments.
    • Includes a fully integrated POS-ecommerce solution, allowing you to capture revenue from the roll-out of a retailer's eCommerce storefront.

    Use iPads, Macs or PC's

    Our web-based software works with virtually any type of hardware or operating system, including PCs, Macs and IPads. You even have the ability to "mix and match" - such as using Windows-based PCs as registers and iPads for mobile POS.

    Centralized Data Management

    Rather than manually polling data and attempting to maintain a duplicate records all data on each computer like legacy POS system, our system maintains all your store and ecommerce data centrally. This make is much easier to access and query for real-time data, reports and analysis.

    Adaptable User Interface

    The application automatically recognizes the identity of who is logging on and what type of device is being used (tablet vs PC) - and adapts the user interface size and settings automatically. So, employees using iPads will get an interface designed for tablets - plus the user interface will have the layout preferred by the specific employee logging on.

    Continuous Data Back-Up

    Your data is stored in remote telco data centers and continually backed up on redundant secure servers - so your data is safe and can only be accessed by you. You no longer have to worry about disk drive failures, thefts or forgetting to run a manual back-up.

    Different Device for Different Employees*

    Can be used with a variety of devices (PC's, Macs and iPads) and operating systems. Arm your sales clerks with iPad POS while running a Windows PC at your main checkout station.

    Focus on Your Store and Not Your IT Systems

    As a cloud-based service, your application is hosted and maintained by us at secure remote data centers. You do not need to maintain software and data on your computer, so the computing requirements are much lower than on premise software. You get to focus more of your time and money on growing your business and less on being your own IT consultant.