Streamlined Print Preview Process
Most reports have been updated to use new print preview functionality. When you generate a report, it is automatically previewed for you on screen. This allows you to quickly review the full report before taking any actions. To print a report, just press the Print button located on the toolbar and MicroBiz prints your report to the default printer managed by your Windows operating system.
Download or Email Reports in Excel, Word of PDF Formats
At the top of the preview screen, there is a row of buttons allowing you to export your report to a variety of file formats such as Word, Excel or PDF. Once exported, the print/export dialogue box includes the ability to attach a report file to an email using your Windows default email programs (such as Outlook). Or you can download the file to your computer with a click of a button.
Search Reports for Keywords or Numbers
The print preview menu bar also includes functionality to search the report being previewed for keywords. This is very useful when trying to search for product names and SKUs in large reports.
Improved Sort and Filtering Capabilities in Many Reports
We have added new search and filtering capabilities to many reports – particularly the Sales Reports. This will make it much easier to drill into data or create more customized and granular report views.
More Consistent Report Controls
We updated the format of most report control forms to make them easier to use. Updates include:

  • Larger pop-up windows and buttons for easier use with mouses and touch screen computers.
  • Consistent placement of action/cancel buttons at the bottom of the form along with an updated color scheme.
  • Use of pop-up calendars alongside date fields to allow you to enter dates using a mouse.
  • New search and filtering functionality in many reports.
Exportable Customer List Report with Email Addresses
We have updated the Customer List Report to include more relevant information – including email addresses. The report can be filtered and searched to find specific customers. Even better, the report can be exported to an Excel file with one click. Below is an image of the Excel export file from the Customer List Report shown above. These customer Excel export reports can be used for more custom sorts and calculations – and can also be easily imported into popular email marketing applications such as MailChimp and Constant Contact to create email marketing campaigns. Or you can import the data into Word or a similar application to create mailing labels for print campaigns.
And Much More…..
These are just a few of the new features in Version 16.0. As the launch date approaches, we will provide additional information on other enhancements and bug fixes included in MicroBiz Version 16.0.

If you would like to learn more, please give our sales team a call at (702) 749-5353 option 2.

Sound Good? If So, Would You Like to Try Version 16.0 Right Away?
We are looking for a handful of retailers that want to get their hands on version 16 right away. We are allowing a limited number of MicroBiz users to try out Version 16 before its general release – scheduled for late March. In exchange for early access, we just ask that you provide feedback on the enhancements and new features and let us know if you encounter and bugs or glitches.

We have have already spent several weeks testing the beta Version 16 internally and will be on call to address any issues encountered by either promptly rolling back to a prior version or providing bug fixes and updates to the beta program. If you would like to help with this final evaluation and beta testing process prior to general release of version 16.0, please give our support department a call at 702 749 5353 option 2 or email us at [email protected]