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    MicroBiz for Windows Features

    MicroBiz for Windows is Windows-based POS/retail management software which is installed on your PC and purchased through a one-time upfront perpetual software license. MicroBiz for Windows is for single store operations in a variety of retail verticals, and does not integrate with the Magento ecommerce platform. If you are looking for multi-store management or integration with Ecommerce, please check out our MicroBiz Cloud product.

    Point of Sale

    Easy-to-Use Design

    The intuitive design of MicroBiz for Windows allows you to "check out" customers in seconds – and features drop down menus, quick keys and search functions. It supports bar code readers, bar code printers, electronic cash drawers, customer pole displays and receipt printers. The application is so well designed and intuitive that the average training time for a new operator is under 30 minutes.

    Returns and Voids

    Microbiz for Windows make it really easy to locate customers, items and transaction records for returns and voids. For example, you can bring up a customer by last name, company name, phone number or customer number – which is useful if you have memberships or frequent buyer plans. For returns you can mark items as 'damaged' and not return them to inventory. Or, you can just scan the bar code on the receipt to pull up the transaction record for returns.

    Split Tender Transactions

    Your customers can easily pay with any method they want, or use multiple forms of payment with a single transaction. Just enter the amount they're paying with each type - it's that simple.

    EMV Compliant Payment Processing

    Use our integrated payment processing to cut down on key entry errors and improve check-out times by having MicroBiz  for Windows automatically transmit the transaction data to your processor and then capture and match the confirmation number to the transaction.


    MicroBiz for Windows allows you to create layaways either from the register or back office. You can collect deposits and enter due dates to manage customer expectations. Once an item is classified as a layaway, the system classifies the item ‘no longer available for sale’ even though it is technically still in inventory.


    If your customer orders merchandise that you do not have in stock - this MicroBiz for Windows feature will "back order" it. The system attaches a backorder to the specific customer name. When merchandise comes in, you can quickly notify the customer and fill the order.

    Suggested Sales

    To help to increase sales, MicroBiz's for Windows item scripts give your clerk valuable information for add-on sales. These item scripts can be customized to give your clerks recommendations on products that complement the item being purchased.


    Easy Product Management

    It's a breeze to add, edit and remove products, including images, stock levels and taxes. Flexible pricing options include support for discounting, sale campaigns price levels.

    Marketing and Promotions

    You have the ability to market your business and run promotions with the touch of a button with MicroBiz for Windows. You can automatically create fliers and sell sheets for items in inventory, including product descriptions, pictures and pricing. Other marketing and promotions features include:

    • Item or invoice discounts
    • Multiple price levels
    • Time-sensitive promotions
    • Kit grouping and discounts
    • X, Y auto-pricing
    • Customizable price schemes
    • Promotional sales tracking
    • Promotional price lookup

    Kits and Serialized Items

    MicroBiz for Windows handles the sale of items in kits or bundles and items that are tracked by serial numbers. Our software allows you to track inventory of the individual products and offer a special price for the kit or bundle. You can also easily receive, inventory, sell and service items with ID or serial numbers.

    Size/Color Matrices

    Our multi-variant matrix allows you define multiple sizes, colors, or any other variation of your products. And with support for up to two types of variants per product, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination and the size of your stock room. For apparel retailers, MicroBiz for Windows allows you manage an "apparel matrix" that gives you the ability to track all your sizes, colors or styles for each item in inventory.


    Robust Inventory Management

    You can sell, buy, return and write-off products easily. Our simple import tools bring your inventory into the system, and we track it based on sales and returns with our powerful inventory management system. The MicroBiz for Windows system allows you to create item descriptions, track purchase orders and count inventory. Other features include: serial number tracking, boxed item management for selling items which may be broken down into smaller units, labeling, purchase order creation and inventory reconciliation.

    Lots of Bar Code Features

    MicroBiz for Windows supports bar codes containing detailed information on your products – making price changes and inventory easy. You can print price labels with barcodes – helping you price and inventory your merchandise. You can also automatically generate price labels with barcodes from purchase orders received – which can then be used for inventory counts with supported handheld inventory scanners. You can even do composite bar code labels (quantity, price, both) – which work great to pre-price items sold by weight.

    Purchase Order Creation

    With MicroBiz for Windows, a complete invoice takes just seconds to create. You have the ability to see the last 12 months sales of a particular item while creating a new purchase order. Purchase orders can be printed or e-mailed directly to the vendor. You can also track multiple vendors for each product - giving you the ability to select the low cost vendor for that product.

    Purchase Order Receiving

    When receiving goods, you simply click on the items in your purchase order and the system will add them to your inventory. You may also reject delivery, back order and track partial orders. MicroBiz for Windows also allows you to receive items without a purchase order and to reprint historical receiving reports.

    Automatic Stock Replenishment

    MicroBiz for Windows allows you to streamline and automate your purchasing process, including automatically telling you which items need to be reordered. This function of MicroBiz for Windows simplifies and automates the ordering process. You can add quantities to PO’s based on current inventory as compared to desired restock levels and reorder points, and generate PO’s for each of the suppliers associated with store-wide order.


    Customer Relationship Management

    MicroBiz for Windows tracks all the information you need to maintain a profitable relationship with your customers, including address, city, state, zip code, fax, phone, and e-mail address. The software also tracks taxable status, discounts, tax rate, ship-to address and price levels. Plus, we include 16 fields that you can customize to your own business, including character, date and numeric fields.

    Customer Sales History

    MicroBiz for Windows provides a detailed history of sales to customers, allowing you to identify large and important customers and see how much and what items customers are buying. MicroBiz for Windows maintains a full record of prior purchases by your customers and you can export customer data for reporting or marketing emails. Sales documents can be re-printed at anytime.

    Special Pricing

    MicroBiz for Windows features flexible pricing options. You can set up special discounts and even assign customers their own pricing. This is especially useful if you sell into both the wholesale and retail markets, or offer special pricing to preferred customers.

    Mail Campaign Management

    The software supports mailing labels in a variety of formats. You can choose customers to mail based on ZIP code, recency of purchase, and even customers who have the highest volume purchases. Or you can export records for use with third party systems.

    Customer House Accounts

    Allows you to set up “house accounts” for preferred customers, record sales against these customer accounts and apply payments to outstanding balances. You can quickly view payments, history, current balance and print customer statements.

    Other Customer Focused Features

    Other customer management-focused features include:

    • Mailing lists & labels
    • User-defined fields
    • Tax Exemption
    • Track by group and class
    • Issue store credit
    • Price levels
    • Unlimited notes per customer
    • Discount rates


    Integrated Report Writer

    MicroBiz for Windows includes a query-based report writer that allows you to design your own reports and generate mailing labels. You have the ability to generate sales reports by various categories, so you can determine which sales are profitable and which are not and instantly check sales trends. A variety of inventory reports can be produced - and filtered by department, vendor and more. You can even print out inventory counting lists.

    Sample reports include:

    • Inventory Reports
    • Daily closeout (X,Z)
    • Work Screen
    • Products returned
    • Sales Reports
    • Reorder Points
    • Mailing Labels
    • Sales trends
    • Department Sales Report
    • Employee commission
    • Reports on Edits and Voids
    • Tax & tax exempt
    • End of Day Report
    • Purchase history
    • Profit Reports
    • Employee activity

    Service Department Management

    MicroBiz's for Windows work order module helps you manage your service department. It keeps track of what needs to be done for customers, what’s been paid for, and what services have been provided in the past. You can collect deposits and send out reminder notices on recurring service. Labor and services can be billed at hourly rate, fixed fee or by service rendered. You can even manage the service of multiple items (bikes, motorcycles, etc.) within a single customer record.

    Rental Department Management

    MicroBiz's for Windows rental department module allows you to manage the rental of items, such as tools and equipment, carpet cleaners, lawn equipment, lighting equipment, bicycles, etc. You can track a maintenance schedule for you rental items after they have been rented a set number of times. You can also run a report that shows which items are overdue and even determine who rented the item last.

    Accounts Receivable

    MicroBiz's for Windows integrated Accounts Receivable allows you to post and track payments, generate statements and apply credit limits to customer accounts or house accounts. Account balances are immediately updated at the time of transaction so you will instantly know how much your customer owes you. You can run statements and include finance charges - or suppress statements for customers with a balance below a minimum amount, such as $10 or less.

    Sales Source Tracking

    MicroBiz for Windows allows you to collect data to help measure the effectiveness of your advertising. As you ring each sale, the system can automatically prompt the operator for the source of the sale. If you run promotions or coupons in newspapers or magazines, MicroBiz for Windows can keep track of which ones come back – so you can see which promotions really work for you.

    Integration with Email Programs

    With our direct interface between e-mail programs and work screens, you can e-mail invoice, quote, invoice in-progress and purchase order information to customers straight from the work screen.

    Export Your Financials

    Our reporting tools allow you to account for sales, returns, tax collected, and more. Combine these with your end-of-day reports and you’ll have everything you need to simplify your store’s accounting.

    Customizable for your Business

    MicroBiz for Windows offers many features that are customizable to meet the needs of your business. The software supports a number of different sales taxes, and can handle both taxable and non-taxable items. Other features include:

    • Password protection
    • 18 different invoice types
    • Customizable tax table
    • User-defined data fields
    • Custom menus
    • Multi-vendor same product
    • Custom messages on invoices
    • User-defined payment types

    Powered by the Windows Operating System

    No need to worry about incompatible technology or untested software. MicroBiz for Windows is known for its stability and reliability. MicroBiz for Windows is easy to install, easy to configure and powered by the tried and tested Microsoft Windows operating system and technology. (Compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10).


    Employee Time Clock

    Our built-in employee time clock helps you keep track of hours worked by employees. You can track the hours that your staff is logged into the register with our built in log in/out feature. We also provide the ability to view employee reports based on store, register and employee across time periods.

    Employee Commission Support

    You have the ability to assign commissions as either % of employee’s sales, or as specific dollar amount tied to the product sold. You can then attach an employee to a transaction to automatically calculate employee commissions. MicroBiz for Windows gives you the freedom to assign sales by line item allowing you to split up the transaction, and give credit to the employee who actually helped the customer.

    Measure Your Employees’ Performance

    By pairing an employee time-clock with employee productivity reports and automatic commission calculations, we give you a comprehensive look at how your cashiers are performing. We allow you to measure your employees through key metrics: such as which of your employees generated the highest gross profit or had the highest sales.

    Manage User Access Rights

    Increase internal business security with our access management functions. With MicroBiz for Windows you can set specific user rights to individual groups or job positions – including controls on who can view, edit, add, delete data in the system.


    Accept EMV Chip Smart Cards

    MicroBiz for Windows supports EMV card processing, which is the ability to accept chip/smart cards inserted into an EMV credit card terminal. This keeps you out of scope of the liability assigned by the processors to retailers that accept payment from new chip-based smart cards using legacy magnetic swipe readers only. EMV compliant payments are possible only through our supported card processor partners and the credit card terminals certified with these processors.
    For more detail on integrated processing options available on MicroBiz Windows, click here

    Support of Mobile NFC Payments

    MicroBiz for Windows supports contactless near field communications (NFC) payments through its supported EMV payment processors and terminals. This means that your customers will be able to wave their mobile smart phone above an EMV terminal in your store to pay for things – with the payment treated in MicroBiz like any other card transaction. Supported NFC payment methods include Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

    Point-to-Point Card Data Encryption

    We use secure credit card readers which encrypt sensitive card information when the card is swiped or inserted into the credit card terminal. This is also known as ‘point-to-point encryption.’ This encrypted data is transmitted directly to the processor, so your POS system never touches or retains sensitive unencrypted card data. You are kept out of PCI scope and are not exposed to the risks of retaining card data on your POS system.

    Integrated POS Payments

    With integrated payment processing, you simply swipe a credit card and MicroBiz sends all required data to the credit card processor and receives a confirmation code which is matched and stored with the POS transaction. This improves check-out times, cuts down on key entry errors and save time reconciling your credit card statements to your POS transactions.

    PCI/PA-DSS Compliant

    Our integrated payment processor partner is listed on the Security Standards Council’s list of PA-DSS validated products. So, using integrated payments with MicroBiz for Windows results in no local storage of cardholder data at the merchant level. This protects you against compliance liability associated with potential data breaches.


    For More Information on Processors and Payment Terminals Supported, Click Here